PREMIERE: Benjamin Shock & Marina Martensson Release Mellow New Single, “It’s A Shame”

first_imgSlovenian DJ/producer Benjamin Shock is most known for spinning house and hip-hop beats on radio shows and European underground labels as well as for a number of hip-hop artists. His first house track, titled “Get Down, was released by the German house label Discogalaxy on both vinyl and digital. Shock is also one-half of the electro/funk/ house duo called Fatnatikz — the other half is his good friend and fellow Slovenian, Gramatik. In 2014, Shock dropped “Feel Da Phunk,” which was the first of many singles he’s released via Gramatik’s Lowtemp label. In addition to the tracks he’s produced, Shock proved his versatility as a DJ when he won third place in the Burn Residency DJ Contest. “It’s really hard for me to play or produce only one specific style of dance music,” Shock said. “I like to keep my sets dynamic as well as in the studio. It all depends on the vibe and the crowd on the dance floor.”Gramatik Features Eric Krasno On Vocals And Guitar For This Collaborative New Track, “Recovery”Shock’s latest single, “It’s A Shame,”  is featured on Lowtemp’s third installment of its compilation series, Lowtemporary, which is due out soon. Thanks to the soulful vocals of Swedish singer Marina Martensson and creative input from guitarist Teo Collori, “It’s A Shame” is a moody number with a chill vibe, reminiscent of Portishead or Massive Attack. As singer Marina Martensson noted about the song’s creation process, “The second I heard the beat and guitar playing, I started singing the words that would later become the verse more or less unchanged. The process was immediate.”Live For Live Music proudly premieres the latest from Benjamin Shock, “It’s A Shame” featuring Marina Martensson, below. You can also head over to Benjamin Shock’s Facebook or Soundcloud for more information about and tunes from the producer and DJ.last_img read more

Widespread Panic Honor Tom Petty & Col. Bruce For NYE Show

first_imgWidespread Panic finished their three-night run at the world-renowned Fox Theater in Atlanta with an opening set that featured an acoustic John Bell who was seated in center stage. The atmosphere was intimate, and when Vic Chestnutt’s song “Let’s Get Down to Business” got started, it felt like the band was playing in a living room. The band last played this song at Red Rocks Amphitheater this summer and it foreshadowed a special night to come.Bloodkin’s song “Who Do You Belong To?” quickened the tempo of the show, before another Bloodkin’s cover, the regretful tune, “Can’t Get High”, slowed the tempo back down thereafter. “Driving Song” became the first original song played, which they gave appropriate treatment with an exceptional jam sandwich with another original, “Jamais Vu”, squeezed in between the two lengthy verses of “Driving Song.” The “Jamais Vu” was eloquently slow and contrasted perfectly in juxtaposition with the progressively upbeat breakdown of “Driving Song”.JoJo Hermann stood out during the next song, an original, “Time Waits” with a jazzy ragtime feel that transformed the regal theater into a backstop honky-tonk roadhouse located far off the beaten path. To finish the short, but sentimental and sweet first set, the band aced their own classic tune, “Wondering”, before walking off the stage for the first time.The second set began with a blazin’ hot “Disco”, which featured masterful solos by every member of the band in their characteristic roundabout style. The band kept the pedal to the floor and brought a level of intensity fitting for this New Year’s Eve. The fervent energy was off the charts as the band segued into the epic crowd favorite—the drum-heavy, “Fishwater”. This extended jam presented the virtuoso musicians an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise, which they executed seamlessly. Dave Schools provided back-up vocals while holding down a heavy bass line while Jimmy Herring and JoJo carved meaty slices throughout the constant bombardment of Duane Truck’s and Sunny Ortiz’s powerful drumlines.The music didn’t stop as the band charged headfirst into a spectacularly comprehensive rendition of the original “Tie Your Shoes.” Another rarity, “Sleepy Monkey”, promptly followed with its mellow reggae tone and quick and crisp guitar licks provided capably by Jimmy Herring. The heated intensity of the music threated to spontaneously combust the rowdy members of the audience, so the band transitioned without pause into the wild and feral jam “Chilly Water”, and the balcony seats obliged the lower level seats with the obligatory flying cups of hydration. Though often dismissed as a superficial party-anthem, the song possesses deep themes of private vs. public domain by relating the story of a thirsty cowboy desperate for a drink of water from a rancher’s well.Adding to the celebration, the band played a deliberate and jubilant “Ribs and Whiskey” after a brief pause. Another crowd favorite, this saucy jam kept the crowd dancin’ to set up a psychedelic “Pigeons” to close the second set in grandiose fashion. Altogether, the second set was absolutely fire. Seven songs were played for a total of seventy-one minutes, averaging over ten minutes a song with smooth, ceaseless transitions between the first five songs.Before the third set began, the band’s tour manager, Steve Lopez, took center stage to thank the staff of Fox Theater and to commemorate the life of Colonel Bruce Hampton before counting down to midnight. The new year continued the traditions of the past with three consecutive tributes to Colonel Bruce. Widespread Panic began the final set with a moving rendition of “Basically Frightened” which they last played with Colonel Bruce in 2011. Jimmy Herring’s playing was especially emotional and sincere as a former bandmate to the beloved Colonel. John Bell gave an outstanding performance to capture the tone and vocal delivery for the tributes and gave the songs a Colonel-esque authenticity.“Basically Frightened”[Video: MrTopdogger]“Yield Not To Temptation”[Video: MrTopdogger]The band followed with a first-time-played rendition of “Yield Not to Temptation”, a skippy Bobby Bland cover. Progressing deeper into the mystical cosmos of their long-time mentor and friend, Col. Bruce, the band then performed a scintillating version of “I’m So Glad”. John Bell played his mandolin for the self-reflective, positive anthem “Ain’t Life Grand?” which is a guaranteed riot for the crowd as the seats emptied and the aisles filled with jumpin’ and hollerin’ zealots.The drums to “Surprise Valley” kept the level of excitement through the roof, and only magnified further when they sandwiched a glorious version of “Greta” in the middle of the celestial jam. Duane Trucks and Sonny Ortiz berated their percussion kits following “Greta” before finishing the second half of “Surprise Valley.” A fiery tribute to Tom Petty, “Honey Bee”, re-emerged for the second time played- with the first time played being two months ago on Ladies’ Night of the Halloween run in Las Vegas. J.J. Cale’s song “Travellin’ Light” trailed “Honey Bee” with the necessary reminder that “traveling light is the only way to fly.” Finally, to finish an extraordinarily impressive third and final set, the band closed with a slow and passionate version of Neil Young’s “Last Dance”.“Honey Bee”After a short break, the band returned to the stage with the audience still on their feet to play the rarely played, and extremely cherished “Expiration Day”. This Vic Chestnutt cover venerates the humble and simple life of an everyday worker, and the band performed this song impeccably. As the second encore, the rock and roll legends played a succinct and formidable “Postcard”. You would be fortunate to hear one of these songs at a show, to see both rarities jammed back-to-back as encores was incredible. As the grand finale of the run, the band reveled in the classic original “Porch Song” to finish the night and their three-night stay at the Fox Theater.I’d like to give a special thank you to Eugene and Antonio of Fox Theater for their hard work and love for the community (as well as the other employees who made sure everyone had a safe and enjoyable time). Also, sincere thanks to a new friend, John from Smyrna who accommodated our band of weary travelers.Setlist: Widespread Panic | Fox Theatre | Atlanta, GA | 12/31/2017Set One: Let’s Get Down To Business, Who Do You Belong To?, Can’t Get High, Driving Song > Jamais Vu > Driving Song, Time Waits, WonderingSet Two: Disco > Fishwater > Tie Your Shoes > Sleepy Monkey > Chilly Water, Ribs & Whiskey, PigeonsSet Three: Basically Frightened, Yield Not To Temptation, I’m So Glad, Ain’t Life Grand*, Surprise Valley > Greta > Drums > Surprise Valley, Honey Bee, Travelin’ Light, Last DanceEncore: Expiration Day, Postcard, Porch Song[Photo: Josh Timmermans (Noble Visions) via Widespread Panic’s Facebook page]last_img read more

Never Put Off Until Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

first_imgThis week I had the privilege of participating in an event held in Sydney, Australia, with Bill Dawes, publisher and editor of Image & Data Manager, and Chris McLaughlin, Chief Marketing Officer of our Enterprise Content Division. During my presentation, I (hopefully) entertained the audience while advocating the importance of archiving.Prior to the event, Mr. Dawes had conducted a survey to better understand the challenges that organizations face around managing legacy applications and data. One of the most surprising revelations for me was that some organizations would rather maintain legacy apps, or migrate legacy data, than find a more efficient solution.I guess it should not be overly surprising. Newton’s First Law of Motion, often termed simply “the law of inertia,” states: “An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.ShareSo in a nutshell, organizations will have a natural tendency to keep on doing what they’re doing unless there is a catalyst to do otherwise.The reality is that there are multiple catalysts to start moving now:Find the hidden gem. Repurpose archived data to create new insights and business values using analytics tools. This is becoming increasingly important as organizations disrupt their current business models to be relevant in the new digital economy.Clean the garage. Up to 70% of IT budgets are being spent on maintaining legacy applications. Free up this budget for new innovation and SaaS solutions by retiring legacy applications.Stay out of jail. Regional and industry-specific regulations continue to multiply. It’s become critical that archiving solutions maintain compliance across all enterprise data.Boost performance. Don’t get dragged down by data you don’t need. Make production systems efficient by offloading static data into an archive.And if that isn’t enough, the right solution to these challenges can pay for itself. A great example of this is BMO Harris Bank.So while 75% of those surveyed by Mr. Dawes indicated that they are currently maintaining legacy applications and data, and more than 50% of them see value in having a single compliant repository for all information across an organization, some are still struggling to extricate themselves from the status quo.Those organizations that truly comprehend the value of archiving will thrive as the industry continues to be disrupted by digital transformation.So my advice to those of you who are maintaining legacy apps and data is this: never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. The viability of your organization may depend on it.last_img read more

New Dell EMC PowerMax Updates Push the Boundaries of High-End Storage

first_imgTwo years ago, Dell Technologies unleashed the world’s fastest storage array, Dell EMC PowerMax, delivering new levels of performance and scalability with the industry’s richest feature-set, helping customers address pressing IT challenges of today and tomorrow. Last year, we were the first vendor to introduce storage class memory as persistent storage.Today, we push the boundaries of high-end storage further with new PowerMax features and enhancements designed to help simplify the management of mission critical workloads, provide native cloud mobility and deliver even greater security.VMware and Dell EMC PowerMax Integration: Dell Technologies and VMware combined forces to add mission-critical availability and the highest scalability to VMware Virtual Volumes (vVols). As customers modernize their infrastructure and move from a hardware-centric storage approach to an application-centric approach for managing storage with VMware vVols, Dell EMC is delivering the world’s fastest storage array1, PowerMax, for running virtual volumes at scale (64,000 vVols) with the highest levels of data resiliency.Today, we are announcing that customers can deploy VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM 8.3) for vVols with PowerMax SRDF/A replication for automated VM movement between sites to ensure maximum availability for mission-critical applications. VMware vVols incorporates storage policy-based management (SPBM) to significantly simplify both storage and VM administration in provisioning storage, establishing replication groups, and automating site recovery operations in the event of a system failover.Combining PowerMax SRDF, the gold standard in remote replication, with VMware’s storage capabilities accelerates the IT modernization journey for our customers and delivers on the promise of simple, resilient, scalable storage.Cloud Mobility for Dell EMC PowerMaxDell EMC’s storage systems easily extend to the cloud to address rapid data growth and to optimize data center resources with simple and efficient data mobility to and from public and hybrid clouds.  Today’s announcement, Cloud Mobility for Dell EMC PowerMax, offers seamless and transparent movement of data from on-premises to cloud, enabling PowerMax customers to leverage lower cost object storage in cloud for agile and economic benefits, reducing the cost per GB for long-term data retention by up to 50%2.“Using Cloud Mobility for Dell EMC PowerMax will help our organization optimize storage resources with on-premises high performance workloads, while leveraging private cloud for long-term retention in a way that meets our compliance requirements”, said Thorsten Tüllmann, Systems Engineer, KIT.Archiving and long-term retention are primary examples of how PowerMax customers can leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Dell EMC ECS for low-cost object storage. PowerMax data can be recovered back to the source PowerMax if needed. In addition to the economic benefit, archiving to the cloud frees up capacity for on-premises PowerMax arrays to support higher priority applications on-premises — extending the useful life of PowerMax.PowerMax data stored in the cloud can also be made available to an AWS system for secondary processing such as reporting, test/development, and data analytics.  Customers can deploy the Dell EMC vApp free of charge from the Amazon Marketplace to transfer PowerMax snapshot data from Amazon S3 object storage to Amazon elastic block storage (EBS).PowerMax Smart DR Sets New Standard for Data ResiliencyDell EMC continues to raise the bar for delivering the industry’s highest availability storage systems. The latest PowerMax innovation extends SRDF/Metro active/active replication by adding Smart DR (disaster recovery) for unmatched data resiliency combined with increased efficiency.Smart DR copies data from both primary arrays to one remote array to maintain data resiliency (DR operations) even if one primary array becomes unavailable. Copying the data to one remote array saves 50% of storage capacity while reducing the SRDF/A network bandwidth needs³, helping customers realize data resiliency and efficiency from their SRDF/Metro Smart DR investment.Unmatched Security Safeguards Customer DataNew PowerMax security features deliver on the goal of safeguarding mission-critical customer data from unwanted intrusion or cyberattacks. PowerMax end-to-end efficient encryption enables customers to secure storage assets by encrypting data from the host to the storage media on PowerMax. Dell Technologies has partnered with Thales Inc., a leading security firm, to integrate host-based encryption and PowerMax data reduction technology to secure PowerMax data while customers receive 3.5:1 data reduction, guaranteed.“An organization’s most valuable and demanding application data needs robust security without compromising efficiency,” said Charles Goldberg, VP Encryption Product Marketing at Thales. “The latest version of Vormetric Transparent Encryption software from Thales enables security without impacting Dell’s industry-leading storage efficiency techniques. No other file-level encryption solution can accomplish these significant savings on PowerMax.”In addition, PowerMax has been through Cybersecurity STIG hardening that is required to get on the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Approved Products List (APL). Both Federal agencies and non-Federal customers around the world will benefit from PowerMax security hardening.These latest security enhancements, when combined with existing security features such as secure snapshots, tamper-proof audit logs, secure access controls, assures customers that their data is safe with PowerMax.Flexible Consumption with Dell Technologies On DemandWith Dell Technologies On Demand, PowerMax customers can respond to workload spikes and new service requests with elastic capacity and cloud economics. Several payment solutions with short-and-long term commitment options are available, including a one-year term for flexible consumption.AvailabilityDell EMC PowerMax and today’s featured announcements are now generally available globally.Additional resourcesVisit this webpage for more information: Dell EMC PowerMaxConnect with Dell via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedInDell Technologies Press Release for VMWorld 2020PowerMax vVols SRM 8.3 integration blog on Virtual BlocksDell EMC storage with VMware blog for VMworld 2020 ¹ Based on Dell EMC internal analysis of max bandwidth (64K blocks) of the PowerMax 8000 (350GB/s) versus max bandwidth of competitive mainstream arrays, August 2020. Actual performance will vary.² Based on Dell EMC internal analysis, June 2020. Savings calculated comparing the cost of storing 6 months of Snaps (on avg. 55% capacity consumed) over 3 years on PowerMax 8000 for 1246TB vs. using Cloud Mobility to store snaps in the AWS Public Cloud on Amazon S3 Standard storage. Costs in US dollars. Actual savings will vary.³ Based on Dell EMC internal analysis, comparing capacity and network bandwidth for PowerMax SRDF/Metro redundant systems with full DR protection vs. PowerMax SRDF/Metro Smart DR redundant systems with full DR protection. Actual savings may vary. August 2020.last_img read more

Students march for life in D.C.

first_imgMore than 300 Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s and Holy Cross students braved a 15-hour journey to Washington, D.C. this weekend to support a cause they believe in. These students participated in the annual anti-abortion March for Life rally on Monday, marking the anniversary of the 1973 Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade. Junior Chris Damian participated in the March for Life through Notre Dame’s Right to Life Club. He said it is important to show solidarity with the pro-life movement. “For me, being pro-life means recognizing the inherent dignity of all human beings,” Damian said. “It means protecting the lives of the unborn, helping women in crisis pregnancies, showing women that abortion is not their only choice and respecting men and women in my daily life … I want to show men and women that they are loved and supported and to help other pro-lifers to be able to provide that love and support.” Five buses of students left for Washington, D.C. on Friday evening, and another three buses left Sunday evening, Damian said. The students stayed at St. Agnes Catholic Church in Arlington, Va. Sophomore Chelsea Merriman said Bishop Kevin Rhoades of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend celebrated Mass with the students Sunday. The Notre Dame community celebrated another Mass with University President Fr. John Jenkins on Monday. Merriman said that later on Monday, students participated in a demonstrated march from the National Mall to the Supreme Court. She said the pated in a demonstrated march from the National Mall to the Supreme Court. She said the purpose of the march was to say, “We are here, we aren’t going away and this is a cause that’s very important to a lot of us.”   Junior Ellen Carroll said Notre Dame was a strong presence at this year’s March for Life. “We had people coming up to us really excited that we were there from Notre Dame, and I liked being able to go with the University,” she said. The issue of abortion is very relevant to the South Bend community, Damian said. “On the bus ride down here, we each received a card with the name of a child aborted in South Bend last year and the date of that abortion,” he said. “I think that card really solidified the issue for a lot of us … This isn’t just an abstract issue or one in a country across the globe. This is a real issue happening down the street from our campus.” Damian said the closeness of the issue was another reason he participated in the March for Life. “I want to march for the child on my card and for his family,” he said. Carroll said she enjoyed meeting people from across the country with a range of opinions about abortion. “It was just a very cool thing to see how many people could come together to support their beliefs on an issue,” Carroll said. Merriman said sometimes it is disheartening to see participants in the March for Life leave their posters and trash on the ground after the event. “I support the pro-life mission [and] I like the solidarity in the march, but I sometimes feel really hesitant about the lack of respect [for the area],” she said. The March for Life was still a very positive experience, Merriman said. “It’s a very high-energy event,” she said. “There’s a lot of solidarity … If we keep doing this, we will make a change.”last_img read more

‘He’s been a mess since he joined’ – Jamie Carragher rips into £35m Arsenal flop Shkodran Mustafi

first_img Comment Advertisement ‘He’s been a mess since he joined’ – Jamie Carragher rips into £35m Arsenal flop Shkodran Mustafi Jamie Carragher slammed Arsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi (Picture: Getty)Jamie Carragher says £35million Arsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi has ‘been a mess since he joined’ the Premier League club.Germany international Mustafi, 27, produced a woeful performance in Sunday’s shock defeat to Crystal Palace and was at fault for two of the three goals Arsenal conceded.The defeat to Palace sees Arsenal’s superb home run come to an abrupt end, while their hopes of finishing in the top four of the Premier League have been dealt a blow.Analysing the match on Monday Night Football, Carragher said: ‘It was a massive surprise with Arsenal’s home record.ADVERTISEMENTMore: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City‘I think it’s a killer blow for Arsenal in terms of top four in the Premier League. Obviously they have another chance in the Europa League as well.AdvertisementAdvertisement‘I wasn’t surprised by this [Mustafi] – he’s been a mess since he joined the club really and this is another example of it. He’s at fault for the second goal as well.‘[Unai] Emery made changes and I can totally understand it. Something has to give in the squad. In terms of the firepower in the team you still expected them to win.‘I think it’s a massive blow for Arsenal’s top-four chances.’ Liverpool hero says Arsenal wasted a big opportunity (Picture: Getty)Emery, meanwhile, admitted his Arsenal team wasted a ‘big opportunity’ to consolidate their top-four place, saying: ‘It was very frustrating.‘But we’ve had plenty of big opportunities before today, plenty of key moments, that give us the opportunity to achieve our first target, to play in the Champions League next year.‘But yes, today we lost a big opportunity.center_img Emery post-Palace: Today we lost a big opportunityTo view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video Play VideoLoaded: 0%0:00Progress: 0%PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration Time 7:36FullscreenEmery post-Palace: Today we lost a big opportunity is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.‘It doesn’t change our idea or plan for the next match. It’s in our hands. I still have confidence though and I want to be positive.‘Because we have been working hard to be in this key moment with the chance to finish in the top four.‘We can be proud of the whole season. Today we’re frustrated but tomorrow we have to stand up and prepare for Wednesday’s trip to Wolves.’More: FootballBruno Fernandes responds to Man Utd bust-up rumours with Ole Gunnar SolskjaerNew Manchester United signing Facundo Pellistri responds to Edinson Cavani praiseArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira moves Advertisement Metro Sport ReporterMonday 22 Apr 2019 7:52 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link402Shareslast_img read more

USS creates head of research role to support high-conviction equity shift

first_imgElwin joins USS from JP Morgan Cazenove, where he accumulated more than 19 years’ experience in equity research, valuation and accounting.He was most recently deputy head of European research.“Extracting him from there was quite a coup, really,” said Fernando.She said Elwin’s role was to help the investment team “get better at the investment process”.The idea is that this will boost returns at the £49.8bn (€63.4bn) scheme, which invests around £20bn in equities.“The thinking,” Fernando told IPE, “is that, over the long term, we’ve added significant value for the scheme and our members by being an active manager. We think it’s about 70 basis points per annum over 10 years, which adds up to about £800m of additional returns to our members, which is pretty significant.“But we can see that we were systematically leaving returns on the table.”Fernando said there was too much focus in the industry in general on the outcome of investment decisions rather than the process leading to the decisions.In a statement, she said: “The head of research will help each team member achieve the very best outcomes they can by facilitating objective discussions on what aspects of their process consistently add value, analysing what we could do or have done differently to improve our outcomes and ensuring we systematically implement each step in our process to the best of our ability.”The hypothesis, she told IPE, is that, “if we have a good process and we execute it consistently, we’re much more likely to get good investment outcomes out of it, which will be incrementally positive to the returns to our members”.The focus on an enhanced investment process and the associated creation of the head of research role are steps the scheme felt it could take as a long-term investor with substantial in-house expertise, according to Fernando.“The market is like a treadmill, and that ability to stop and reflect just doesn’t exist unless you make it happen,” she said.“I and the heads of portfolios were trying to do this, but we just weren’t creating enough space to do it properly, so we agreed that it would be helpful having someone whose sole job was to focus on that […].“Because we’re longer-term investors, we should be able to carve out a bit of time that takes us off that treadmill of quarterly results.”Upping convictionThe creation of the head of research role is part of new approach to equity investment at USS, under which it will run a more concentrated, fundamental, research-driven portfolio.It carried out analysis at the end of 2015 that showed it would have added around 1% to its returns by only owning its largest overweight positions and skipping out on smaller overweight positions.Fernando said: “Recycling that capital from low conviction back into high-conviction [positions] would have added probably another £100-odd million to member returns. At the end of the day, we’re here to make money for our members.”The new focus on high-conviction equity investing will come via an organisational structure for fundamental, research-driven portfolios; the other part of USS’s equity allocation is in internally managed factor portfolios.The fundamental, research-driven portfolios are split into a global emerging market portfolio and a global developed market portfolio, which has been the main target of the change in organisational structure and investment philosophy, according to Fernando.“Within that global developed-market portfolio, we now have a single decision-maker for the [geographic] sleeves, whereas before some of the portfolios were run more in a committee-type format,” she said.“The team supporting those portfolios and those decision-makers have each been allocated areas of responsibility so you make sure people are incentivised to do the best they can within their area, and they know exactly what is expected of them.”The new investment approach was discussed with the equity team in late 2015 and “really came into place in earnest late February, early March”, she added.Fernando said a timetable had been agreed with the board that gave its investment manager until December 2017 “to get us from the legacy state to the new state”.The aim is that, by then, the global developed market portfolio will comprise around 120 stocks, whittled down from the 300-odd holdings in the legacy portfolio.In a statement, Elwin said: “This is an exciting new role and really quite unique in the industry.“It’s not just about validating recommendations but rather helping the portfolio managers and analysts develop a sophisticated understanding of the many different steps in the investment process and really make their investments work hard for the UK’s academic community.”USS’s former deputy head of equities recently joined West Midlands Pension Fund, and Fernando said the scheme’s investment manager would not be directly replacing him. The UK’s largest pension fund, the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), has created the role of head of research with the aim of improving its in-house equity investment process as part of a shift towards a more concentrated, “high-conviction” portfolio.Peter Elwin has been appointed to the role, having started on 31 October.His position spans the equities and responsible investment teams.If his appointment proves successful, the role could be extended to take in public credit and private markets, according to Elizabeth Fernando, head of equities at USS.last_img read more

Dream home on acreage close to the beach

first_imgThe pool and the outdoor entertaining area at 108-110 Cocos Drive, Ningi. Picture: Supplied. THIS is the ultimate home for the true blue Queenslanders out there. You can watch the footy from the pool, park the boat and jet ski in the big shed, put the project car up on the two-post hoist, shoot pool in your own bar, and then knock up some pizzas in the outdoor kitchen. All while the children run amok on the 4,000sq m block. Or just hook up the boat and head 10 minutes to the nearest boat ramp for a day of fishing. Owners Damien and Charlene Benbow built the home on 4000sq m at 108-110 Cocos Drive, Ningi three years ago with their family of four in mind. The home is three years old and looks like new. Picture: Supplied. Mrs Benbow said her favourite part of the property was the alfresco area.“It blends seamless with the rest of the house and we have our pool under the roof,” she said. “We’ve included things like a pizza oven, outdoor kitchen and infra-red heaters so it can be used all year round.” Inside the home, a big kitchen has Smeg appliances, Caesarstone benchtops and a butler’s pantry. The open-plan living and dining area opens through bi-fold doors to the outdoor entertaining area. The home theatre has sound proofing and there is plenty of room for a pool table in the rumpus room with built-in bar. More from newsLand grab sees 12 Sandstone Lakes homesites sell in a week21 Jun 2020Tropical haven walking distance from the surf9 Oct 2019 The kitchen includes stone benchtops and a butler’s pantry. Picture: Supplied. The property comes with ducted airconditioning, a full perimeter fence, electric gate, CCTV and a 6kw solar system The home is 10 minutes from the ocean and 10 minutes from the M1.Marketing agent Carolyn Drane, of Acreage and Lifestyle Property Beachmere, said the property was “like new”“It has been designed and built around entertaining and family,” she said. The outdoor kitchen includes a pizza oven, fridge and barbecue. Picture: Supplied. The master bedroom overlooks the pool and has a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite. The remaining bedrooms are located away from the main bedroom, along with a TV room and office. Outside, the entertaining area includes a pizza oven, barbecue, fridge, sink, TV with surround sound and pool with spa seat and wading area. The three-bay shed has three-phase power and is set up to run a business, while the driveway can take heavy machinery and trucks. The three-bay shed and driveway can take heavy machinery. Picture: Supplied. Ms Drane said there had been strong local and interstate interest in the property, with buyers seeing great value for money. “It presents like a show home and where else can you get such value-packed property so close to the beach and the city,” she said.last_img read more

ESPN Payoffs

first_imgHave you wondered how much money is available for college teams to have their games televised on networks like ESPN?  One 12-team conference reportedly has a 155 million dollar TV contract for its 12 members to share.  This amounts to about 12.9 million per school.  This money is only for the regular season and does not include any bowl games or NCAA basketball tournament games in which the conference schools might participate.Now we have individual conference networks.  The BTN (Big Ten Network) has been in operation for several years now and prompted the conference to add Rutgers and Maryland so they could reap the benefits of an East Coast audience.  The SEC (South Eastern Conference) has its own network, and schools such as Kentucky even broadcast practices and scrimmage games.  Who knows how much money they bring in from these broadcasts?Since the Big 5 conferences have been given permission by the NCAA to make some of their own rules, the sky might be the limit as to what they will do to keep the big bucks coming.  The smaller conferences have reason to worry because they must scrape and scratch to pay for their programs.  This is why the Mid American Conference is willing to play games on weekday nights so ESPN will televise them.  I could not find how much ESPN pays for these games, but it must be quite profitable.last_img read more