Lampard fired up to battle Gerrard again

first_imgFrank Lampard is fired up to face Steven Gerrard for the first time in MLS when New York City host LA Galaxy on Saturday.The former Chelsea star will come up against Gerrard for the first time since joining the ex-Liverpool captain in the United States top flight in 2015, with Lampard having missed the 5-1 defeat at Galaxy’s StubHub Centre in August due to injury.The one-time England team-mates, now 38 and 36 respectively, have been on strong runs of form in recent weeks, with Gerrard joint top of the assist charts with 11 and Lampard having scored nine goals in his last 10 appearances.And Lampard believes they will be able to enjoy meeting one another more than they did during a heated rivalry between Chelsea and Liverpool during their Premier League careers.”It’s normal, we’re used to it. It was Lampard versus Gerrard in the England team, it was Chelsea-Liverpool for many a year. I love it,” he told ESPN.”I think we’re more relaxed about it and we can enjoy it more these days. It was quite intense, Liverpool against Chelsea, we played each other so often.”It wasn’t just me and Steven, obviously, but people were always billing that as a midfield battle.”I enjoy it. I get on very well with Stevie, he’s doing very well over there and he’s had a fantastic career, he’s a legend of the game.”I look forward to going up against him. Of course, when we step out, we want to beat each other. Not just him, but Ashley Cole, Robbie Keane, people I’m familiar with.”But we’ll enjoy the rivalry and I’ll try to come out on top.”New York sit top of the Eastern Conference after 25 matches, while Galaxy are third in the Western standings.last_img read more

Beckenbauer targeted in FIFA ethics probe

first_imgZURICH (AP):German football great Franz Beckenbauer and FIFA Vice-President Angel Maria Villar have been investigated by ethics prosecutors and are awaiting verdicts in their cases, the governing body’s ethics panel said yesterday.Both Beckenbauer and Villar – now serving as FIFA’s No. 2 officials while president Sepp Blatter is suspended – have previously been identified by media as targets of the investigation into the bidding for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.Both men face sanctions for obstructing then-FIFA prosecutor Michael Garcia’s investigation, ethics committee spokesman Marc Tenbuecken told the Associated Press.With Garcia’s inquiry failing to find evidence of corruption involving Russia and Qatar, it falls to a criminal investigation of suspected money laundering led by Switzerland’s attorney general to ascertain whether there was any financial wrongdoing in those World Cup bidding contests. The Russian and Qatari awards have been tainted by five years of so-far-unproven allegations.The official disclosure yesterday inflicts more damage on FIFA, which is reeling from waves of corruption allegations that led the ethics committee two weeks ago to suspend Blatter and the front-runner to succeed him as president, Michel Platini.In a wide-ranging statement, the ethics committee said it aimed to judge Blatter and Platini during their 90-day suspensions.Blatter is also under criminal investigation by Swiss authorities for a suspected “disloyal payment” of around US$2 million from FIFA funds in 2011 to Platini, who was also questioned. Both deny wrongdoing.In a separate case, suspended FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke is accused of “misuse of expenses and other infringements of FIFA’s rules and regulations”, the ethics committee said.last_img read more

Narine’s new action within ICC limits – officials

first_img REHABILITATION ON HIS ACTION PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC): Officials monitoring the remodelled action of West Indies off-spinner Sunil Narine say he is now bowling within limits stipulated by ICC regulations. Local match referee Michael Ragoonath and cricket administrator Jeffrey Guillen both said they saw nothing to be concerned about while watching Narine’s new action in local matches over the weekend. Ragoonath, who was referee for two matches involving Narine, said he received no negative reports from any of the umpires who officiated. “I stood as match referee for both games and the only way I can act is if a bowler is reported by the onfield umpires,” Ragoonath told the Guardian. “Sunil played in both games and the umpires did not report anything to me. What I did was to video tape his bowling to have a look at it and when we sat down and viewed the footage, we found him to be well within the limits allowed for bending of the arm.” Narine had not bowled competitively since being forced out of the Bangladesh Premier League last November and was reported during West Indies’ series against Sri Lanka. Subsequent tests showed that Narine’s action was exceeding the 15-degree level of tolerance permitted under ICC regulations. He has since undergone rehabilitation on his action and is scheduled to be tested at the Loughborough University in England next month. “On the weekend, he looked good and is bowling quite well,” said manager of Queen’s Park Cricket Club, Guillen, after Narine captured two for 37 in a 10-over spell to help his club Queen’s Park beat Clarke Road by 32 runs in the opening round of the 50-overs championship. “The issue I think would not be passing the test, but getting ready for the World T20, which is major. We are confident that he would be ready, but at the moment his ambition is to get past the test, which he should take in about two or three weeks’ time.” Narine has been included in a West Indies 15-man squad for the Twenty20 World Cup pending the outcome of the Loughborough test. The West Indies start their campaign on March 16, when they face England in Mumbai.last_img read more

Ellen’s Letter to Obama: A Wakeup Call for the International Community, Liberians

first_imgPresident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has written her United States’ counterpart, Barack H. Obama, requesting America’s swift intervention in Liberia’s Ebola crisis.She appealed to him to send US medical doctors and equipment to help stop the spread of the deadly epidemic in the country.In her letter, she told President Obama and the American people that the Ebola virus is spreading at an exponential rate “and we have a limited time window to arrest it.”The Liberian leader also bluntly told President Obama that the virus outbreak has overwhelmed the containment and treatment measures her government has attempted thus far.”Our already limited resources have been stretched to breaking point and up to now a private charity, Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF), has responded robustly in all the affected countries. But MSF, too, has reached its limits,” she said.Liberia will lose the battle against the Ebola virus without more direct help from the US Government, she warned.She also told President Obama that well over 40% of total Ebola cases have occurred in the last 18 days.“Our message has gotten out and our citizens are self-reporting or bringing in their relatives. But our treatment centers are overwhelmed. MSF is now running a 160 bed-unit, the largest ever Ebola treatment unit in the history of the disease and even that is inadequate,” she stated.President Sirleaf openly told President Obama that the Ebola virus has created a national health emergency that posed serious challenges to the country’s unemployed youthful population, some of whom were child soldiers, and threatens civil order.“What is even heartbreaking is that we are unable to reopen our basic secondary health facilities because terrified health workers, who have watched their colleagues die from the disease, are afraid to return to work,” she said.About 153 health workers have been infected and 79 have died.President Sirleaf’s admittance that the Ebola virus outbreak has overwhelmed her government is a wakeup call to the international community to promptly and affirmatively respond to save Liberia.It is well over six months since the outbreak, but nothing really  concrete has come from the international community.By sitting and watching innocent lives taken away daily by a virus that can be contained and defeated is equal to the commission of genocide.The international community has a responsibility to Liberia in lines with international protocols, to which this sovereign nation is signatory and which it has always respected and enforced.It is time for President Obama and the American government and people to demonstrate their  true traditional friendship and partnership and demonstrate to Liberians and the world that Americans are truly our ally.The British Government has proven its worth in Sierra Leone where it is heavily involved in helping the Sierra Leone Government contain the Ebola virus from spreading. Sierra Leone, according to the World Health Organization’s later data, has the lowest Ebola-related deaths in the Mano River Union basin.We are also told that the Russian Government has dispatched doctors and scientists to Guinea and they have made successful gains in containing the virus from spreading. Guinea’s total Ebola deaths toll, WHO says, is about 600.But the toll in Liberia is fast  approaching 1,400 and could even go higher. One may wonder where are our international partners we usually boast of.And what is the United States,  our traditional ally, friend and partner—doing to help its oldest African friend? We pray that we are not being reminded of the 1990 civil war when US President George Bush refused to intervene to stop the civil war.The US Government’s refusal to send US troops to help stop the senseless civil in Liberia and save it from self-destruction led to the death of over 250,000 and the near total destruction of the country.  It took Britain and other partners of Liberia to  criticize the US before “Uncle Sam” sent US troops on the ground and demanded Charles Taylor’s departure, to which he immediately acceded.The US always supported ECOWAS troops during the war, however, but it wasn’t sufficient of them.The Liberian civil war immediately ended few months after US troops arrived in the country. We salute the US for the little it has done, but a lot  more is needed.The second wakeup call President Sirleaf’s letter goes directly to the Liberian people. The President has already made it very clear that her government lacks capacity financial, human resources and logistics to contain the deadly Ebola virus. What we need to do the most as a people is a ‘break in transmission.’Let us avoid coming in physical contacts with infected person (s) or sick people whose sicknesses have not been diagnosed by medical doctors.We are too good a people to be  destroying our own lives. We must stop pointing fingers, accusing and blaming one another for this virus and begin to report all suspected sick persons in our communities and save lives.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Efficient Govt service integral to manufacturing sector’s growth – Boyer

first_imgChairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Eddie Boyer, said in order for the manufacturing sector to grow at the rate it should, greater efficiency in the delivery of Government services would be a major contributing factor.He made the statement at the Annual General Meeting of the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) on Wednesday. Boyer noted that the PSC and the GMSA have been working closely for the development of the sector.He explained, in response to the ban on catfish export to the United States, that the GMSA in collaboration with the University of Hawaii embarked on two training sessions to have stakeholders examine the requirements of the US Food Safety Modernisation Act. Boyer called on the GMSA to ensure that they maintain and further develop small manufacturing businesses along with the agricultural sector, despite the focus being on the booming oil and gas sector.“Labour is becoming more costly and if manufacturing is going to survive and grow there are numerous things that Government should address.Among these are how do we get more efficient… some manufacturers are not paying [Value Added Tax] VAT and other taxes and this is making competition very unfair… there is a need for cheaper and reliable energy… even and fair taxation policy is needed,” Boyer noted.Meanwhile, Minister of State Joseph Harmon said for the economy to diversify, the members of the GMSA should be more innovative in relation to the techniques and technology they apply in their production processes. He notes this is to ensure the sustainability of the raw materials, even as they seek to lower productions costs.“It is the Government’s vision that the value or benefits derived from the oil and gas sector will be used to propel the other sectors in particular agriculture; will be used to propel our public infrastructure programme so people could travel from East to West, North to South; will be used to propel our education system so we can produce an educated population where people will be able to take up jobs in the commanding heights in the oil and gas industry,” Harmon said.“We recognise that energy is important. We believe that the availability of cheap reliable energy supply is crucial to sustaining and improving our manufacturing capacity. The development of the energy landscape is inextricable linked to stable, reliable and affordable power supply in an environmentally sustainable manner,” he added.Additionally, GMSA President Shyam Nokta told the AGM that US oil giant ExxonMobil has committed its support for the Association’s ‘Uncapped’ intitative.last_img read more

CoI destroying Police’s morale – Jagdeo

first_img…used to distract nation from real issuesAssassination claim“Most people in Guyana believe that our Government is beleaguered by its own incompetence and that it constantly seeks distraction and that may be true. One of the ways they believe that the Government has been distracting public attention from the real problems in Guyana is through the establishment of the Commissions of Inquiry (CoIs) in a never-ending manner and on every single thing under the sun,” Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo said.Opposition Leader Bharrat JagdeoJagdeo levelled those accusations at a press conference held at his Church Street office on Friday.He said that the CoIs were a monetary vehicle for people who often were sympathetic to the Government to be given huge sums of money to do work that may seem important. He added that in reality they were just given large pay cheques to “waste time”.The Opposition Leader alluded to the recently-established CoI into the alleged claim that Andrif Gillard was offered $7 million by businessman Nizam Khan to assassinate President David Granger. The CoI, which commenced on July 11, will seek to: inquire into persons, places, time and circumstances and events by and through which allegations and reports came to be made of an intention to assassinate the President; investigate the full range of the actions and responses of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to the reports and the extent to which such actions were conducted or executed with due diligence; determine whether any person, and in particular, officers of the GPF had information before and after reports were made of a plan to assassinate the President and whether any such officers communicated that information to a superior authority.Commissioners will also record and report on what official action was taken on the basis of the information received and whether there was due diligence by the officers of the GPF in the investigation of the alleged plan to assassinate the President and determine whether there was failure, neglect or omission to thoroughly and properly investigate the plan to assassinate the President and determine whether such failure or omission was intentional.The Commissioners will seek to also determine the blameworthiness for the failure or neglect of officers or persons involved in the investigation and recommend action to be taken against persons found to be blameworthy.They will also recommend steps that can be taken to prevent the recurrence of such an incident and identify systemic issues, if any, in the GPF’s competence to investigate matters of this nature.Jagdeo on Friday noted that while the country was going through one of the biggest security crises, as it related to the recent Georgetown Prison fire and jailbreak and the subsequent breakout from the pasture enclosure at Lusignan Prison, the Government seems totally oblivious and continues establishing CoIs.“We are in the middle of this crisis at the national level, yet this Government has seen it fit at this point in time when you have a number of prisoners who have escaped, when the safety and security are in question to launch a Commission of Inquiry into a plot to assassinate the President,” he said.Jagdeo said that the CoI sought to demoralise the GPF and its officers. He added that if the President was dissatisfied with the investigation into the assassination claim, then he should have had the Head of the Presidential Secretariat meet with the parties involved and request a more comprehensive and thorough investigation.“They are destroying the morale of the Police Force in a partisan act. This is a deliberate process, the public nature of it and having a junior officer question people who are far superior to him and a person who is partisan too heading that CoI has implications for who takes over the Force in the future,” Jagdeo warned.last_img read more

Wade puts off surgery

first_img“The main thing I can do is feel that same pain again. That’s one thing I don’t want to feel,” he said with a smile. Wade said he has received encouragement from teammate Eddie Jones, who missed 15 games with a dislocated left shoulder and torn labrum in March 2001. Jones returned late in the season and played in three playoff games before undergoing off-season surgery. If therapy goes well, Wade said he might return for the last couple of regular-season games before the playoffs start April 21, the two-month anniversary of his injury. Even if he does come back, he’s still expected to have surgery after the season, with recovery time estimated at four to six months. That means the delay in surgery could force Wade to miss the start of next season. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! MIAMI – Dwyane Wade’s dislocated left shoulder is so fragile there’s a risk of aggravating the injury when he sleeps. But come April, Wade figures he might be up to the rigors of the NBA playoffs. The All-Star guard said Monday he has decided to delay surgery and rehabilitate his shoulder with the goal of returning to help the Miami Heat defend its league title. “It could have been easy for me just to shut it down,” Wade said at a news conference. “You don’t know if you’re going to be able to attack the same way and dive on the floor the same way. I’ll find out after therapy and rehab how my body responds to things.” Wade’s decision was good news for the injury-plagued Heat, who entered Monday night’s game against Atlanta at 29-29. But even with rest and therapy, there’s no guarantee Wade can return this season. center_img “The fact there’s a possibility would give us hope,” coach Pat Riley said. “He’s a pretty good player. He probably would be a pretty good player one-armed.” The Heat went into Monday’s game 4-8 this season without Wade, but 3-2 since he was hurt Feb. 21 in a collision with Houston’s Shane Battier. At the time, he was the league’s third-leading scorer at 28.8 points a game. Wade underwent extensive tests and received a second opinion from specialist Dr. James Andrews before deciding he would try to return. Wade disclosed Monday his injury included a torn labrum. He was without a sling at the news conference but still wears one when he sleeps to keep the shoulder stable. The decision to attempt a comeback this season was difficult, Wade said, even though Andrews and team physician Dr. Harlan Selesnick supported the idea. Wade said he was told he can’t damage his shoulder by playing, although another dislocation is possible. last_img read more

Brain injury workshop to be held September 16

first_imgThe workshop will focus on the structure and complexities of the human brain, what happens when it is injured, and what can be done during the healing process.The session is open to the public but will be geared towards family members and professionals to better understand brain injuries.Those wanting to take part are asked to pre-register by calling 1-866-979-4673, to bring a lunch, and to dress comfortably.- Advertisement –last_img

Investigation opened into Astori death in Italy

first_img0Shares0000Fiorentina captain Davide Astori was found dead in his hotel room at the age of 31 © AFP/File / Claudio GIOVANNINIROME, Italy, Mar 5 – An autopsy into the death of Fiorentina captain Davide Astori will be carried out on Tuesday while his funeral will be held in Florence two days later, the Italian football club announced.Italy was in shock following the sudden death on Sunday of the 31-year-old defender who played for his country 14 times. “Fiorentina and Davide’s family inform you that the autopsy will be performed tomorrow… The funeral will take place on Thursday in the Santa Croce basilica,” the Serie A club said Monday on its Twitter account.A judicial inquiry had been launched following the death of the player, who was found dead in his hotel room in Udine, where his team was due to play Udinese on Sunday.“We have opened a manslaughter investigation, against X for the moment,” Antonio de Nicolo, a magistrate in the northeastern city of Udine, told Rai radio on Monday, adding that such a procedure was “mandatory”.De Nicolo was quoted Sunday as saying Astori died of “natural causes” after a “cardiac circulatory collapse” — a type of heart attack.Meanwhile Fiorentina have called for respect and silence after it was erroneously reported they had extended Astori’s contract with them.Giovanni Malago who is president of the Italian Olympic Committee, which oversees Italian top flight and international football, “spoke too soon,” a source very close to those concerned told AFP.All seven matches in Italy’s top flight on Sunday were postponed following the news of Astori’s death.European games in the Champions League and Europa League will all be preceded by a minute’s silence in midweek.Dario Nardella, the mayor of Florence, said the city would observe a day of mourning for the player’s funeral.Former national team coach Antonio Conte and World Cup winner Gianluigi Buffon paid emotional tributes to Astori, describing their Italian compatriot as “fantastic” and “a great guy”.Chelsea manager Conte, who coached the defender when his was in charge of Italy, said the player’s death was a “tragedy”.“This is a tragedy and it really hurts me. It’s very difficult at this moment to find the right words for the family,” Conte told Sky Sports on Sunday ahead of his side’s 1-0 loss to Manchester City.Veteran Buffon, the Juventus captain, called Astori “a great man”.Buffon, who wrote in a post on Instagram accompanied by a photo of the two players exchanging pennants before a game between their clubs, said he did not usually make a habit of expressing his feelings about others.“I want to make an exception to my rule because you have a young wife and others close to you who are suffering, but mostly because your little girl deserves to know that her dad was a good man… a great man,” Buffon said of Astori, who leaves behind a wife and a two-year-old daughter.Astori began his career at AC Milan, also playing for Cagliari and Roma before joining Fiorentina in 2015.He made his international debut under coach Cesare Prandelli in March 2011 as a first-half substitute in a 2-0 victory over Ukraine in Kiev before getting sent off with 17 minutes remaining.Astori scored his only international goal in the 2013 Confederations Cup third-place play-off against Uruguay, giving Italy a first-half lead in a match which finished 2-2. Italy went on to win on penalties.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

RTE to reveal strange climatic happenings on Donegal farm

first_imgStrange climatic happenings on a Donegal farmer’s land are to be unveiled in RTE’s Ear to the Ground programme on November 24th next.Fields are transforming into lakes, frosts and snow are appearing later, cattle aren’t thriving as they should; and nutrients and structure seem to be altering or even depleting.What was, and is, happening on this Donegal man’s farm in Newtowncunningham? Is climate change to blame? Ella McSweeney visits Peter Lynch on his farm, together with a climate scientist to investigate what the future holds for him?Ear to the Ground will be broadcast on RTE One on Thursday 24th November 2016 at 8.30pm.RTE to reveal strange climatic happenings on Donegal farm was last modified: November 8th, 2016 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegalEar to the GroundPeter Lynchlast_img read more