International Poultry Outreach

first_imgPoultry is playing an increasingly important role in feeding the planet’s growing population, which is expected to reach about 9 billion by 2050.Between 2000 and 2015, the amount of poultry consumed globally each year increased by 30 percent, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. As poultry production rises to meet this climbing demand, governments, development groups, farmers and businesspeople are seeking the expertise of University of Georgia poultry scientists.From addressing food safety in processing plants to improving nutrition, increasing energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, empowering small-scale farmers to produce eggs for local markets, and establishing state-of-the art poultry house systems and processing facilities, UGA’s poultry scientists are being called on to solve some of the world’s most pressing poultry problems.“Improved poultry science has resulted in improved production and production practices, benefitting domestic as well as international consumers — particularly those in lesser developed countries where an inexpensive source of animal protein is needed to reduce chronic malnutrition among children and pregnant women,” said Amrit Bart, director of the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Office of Global Programs.To develop access to this low impact and resource efficient source of protein, the world comes to UGA for poultry training programs and expertise. With fewer scientists researching poultry production over the last two decades, UGA’s experts are more in demand than ever.“Our faculty are addressing pertinent issues (in poultry production) with dramatic (consequences),” said Todd Applegate, who took over as head of the Department of Poultry Science this month. “What I find interesting about the poultry science faculty at UGA is that they address very unique questions (compared to) their peers. They are in high demand.”At the end of this week, about 100 poultry professionals from around the world will travel to Athens, Georgia, to be part of the 2016 International Poultry Short Course, a five-day workshop that routinely draws attendees from the U.S., Mali, Germany, Pakistan, Malaysia, Brazil, Canada and more than a dozen other nations.The UGA Department of Poultry Science has hosted the Georgia International Poultry Short Course in January, in conjunction with the International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, for more than 25 years.“We have people attending who build poultry houses, make feed, work in genetic selection, develop vaccines and manage farms,” said Brian Fairchild, a professor of poultry science at UGA and an organizer of the short course. “With this course, they’re getting exposed to information concerning every part of poultry production, not just their area of expertise.”In addition to the short course, more than half of the poultry science department’s 20 full-time faculty members traveled internationally in 2015 to conduct trainings at agricultural universities and to work with members of the poultry industry or governmental agriculture agencies in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.For instance, Professor Sammy Aggrey, an expert in pinpointing the genetic markers that help poultry breeders produce more disease-resistant, feed-efficient and heat-tolerant birds, traveled to several countries during 2015 to conduct trainings on breeding methods.Aggrey has pioneered the study of nutrigenomics in poultry. This is, essentially, the study of how a bird’s diet affects its gene expression. This work has made him internationally sought after.Other faculty members are working to help farmers improve poultry nutrition and housing practices to improve birds’ health and their profitability.Each year, the department’s poultry housing team of Fairchild, John Worley and Mike Czarick host international poultry ventilation workshops that attract attendees from around the world. Techniques they’ve mastered for keeping birds comfortable in Georgia’s sweltering summers and unpredictable winters have made their workshops the go-to trainings for poultry operators in the northern and southern hemispheres.“Our faculty members are developing cutting edge poultry technology and continue to attract global attention. Their work serves as an excellent example of one of the many ways we are reaching out to those beyond our own national boarders,” Bart said.For more information about the work being done at the UGA Department of Poultry Science, please visit read more

Fight the Flu

first_imgCold, flu, bronchitis and other viruses have affected a number of Georgians this winter. It may be difficult to think about flu season when the outdoor temperatures remain at 70-plus degrees, but we are still in flu season and to avoid illness, proper precautions must be taken.University of Georgia Cooperative Extension offers a few tips to help beat the bugs this flu season.First, we must wash our hands. Most of us wash our hands, just not properly. Hands should be washed for 20 seconds with warm soap and water to effectively clean them. Also, contrary to what my children believe, sanitizer is not a replacement for hand-washing. Sanitizer can be used in the event that soap and water are not available, but soap and water are always the best choice for hand-washing.There are different levels of clean. Cleaning is the process of removing physical dirt. It does not remove germs, mold or other harmful bacteria that make us ill. Cleaning is generally done with soap or detergent and water. It is also the lowest level of clean. When someone has been ill in your home, you may want a higher level of clean.Sanitizing is the process of decreasing germs to levels at which illness does not occur. This process often involves the use of a sanitizing solution. Most of us use a bleach-and-water solution to achieve this level of clean. With bleach, remember that less is best.Traditionally, bleach is overused. To make a sanitizing solution, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends 1 teaspoon of bleach to 1 quart of water. To “go green,” you can also use vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to sanitize. The EPA suggests using half a cup of either hydrogen peroxide or vinegar in a spray bottle. To sanitize surfaces effectively, remember to clean the surface first, then apply the sanitizing solution. This may seem like a small step, but to get rid of bacteria and other pathogens that could potentially make us ill, it is essential. Disinfecting is the third and highest level of clean. My daughter had a 24-hour virus. To avoid spreading it to the entire family, I washed her bedding in hot water and used disinfectant wipes on doorknobs, remote controls, light switches, toilet handles and any other place I could think of that could potentially harbor illness-causing bacteria.Disinfecting properly, whether you use wipes, bleach-and-water solution or spray, is critical. According to the EPA, “To achieve the desired level of disinfection, the chemical in question must be applied at a certain concentration for a specified amount of time.”Remember, disinfecting is a two-step process. First, clean the surface. Second, allow the disinfectant dwell time, or the amount of time that a surface must be in contact with the disinfectant solution in order to kill harmful bacteria.In other words, spray or wipe the disinfectant solution onto a clean surface and allow it to sit. If you are using a chemical disinfectant, the instructions for dwell time should be on the package. Don’t forget to clean doorknobs, handles, light fixtures, tablet cases, keyboards and cell phones. They are notorious for harboring icky bacteria.last_img read more

82-Year-Old Man Becomes Oldest Hiker to Trek the Entire Appalachian Trail

first_img82-year-old Dale “Greybeard” Sanders became the oldest person to thru-hike the entire 2,190-mile Appalachian Trail after completing the trail in just over seven months. The previous age record was set by Lee Berry in 2004 when he completed the trail at age 81.The octogenarian is no stranger to adventure, having solo paddled the entire length of the Mississippi River at age 80—a journey that he dubbed Source to Sea and used to raise $23,000 for type 1 juvenile diabetes.He completed his thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail by tackling the footpath in a series of section hikes. He started at Springer Mountain in Georgia and continued to Harpers Ferry in West Virginia before relocating to Maine and setting off southbound.Throughout the course of his hike, he experienced setbacks that ranged from gnarly falls along the notoriously rocky New Hampshire section of the trail to a serious case of internal bleeding brought about by a ruptured hemorrhoid. The latter ultimately forced him off the trail and back home to Tennessee for medical treatment.“I lost my confidence,” he told Outside Magazine. “I almost didn’t come back.”But after a ten-day hiatus, Greybeard was back on the trail with Harpers Ferry on his mind, and on the morning of October 26, 2017, he made his dream of becoming the oldest person to complete a thru-hike of America’s most iconic wilderness trail a reality.When Greybeard arrived back at Harpers Ferry he was greeted by friends, family members, supporters and Appalachian Trail Conservancy officials.“I feel numb right now. It’s really a euphoric experience,” Sanders told Outside after completing the hike. “I’m just so thankful to the people who have helped me. I literally would not be here if it weren’t for all the people who encouraged me along the way.”last_img read more

Persistence pays off in lawyer’s effort to assist poor families

first_img August 1, 2001 Regular News Persistence pays off in lawyer’s effort to assist poor families Persistence pays off in lawyer’s effort to assist poor familiesFor Orange Park attorney David A. King and for thousands of working, low-income families the third time was the charm.He succeeded this year in enacting a change to Florida laws that will save millions of dollars for low-income workers facing bankruptcy or other legal financial judgments.“I’m thrilled and relieved after two long and frustrating years [the 1999 and 2000 legislative sessions],” King said. David A. King The measure, SB 150, protects the federal earned income credit against most court judgments, including bankruptcy orders but not child or spousal support orders. King said Florida now joins the vast majority of states offering such protection. “To folks out there who receive it, it’s like a million dollars,” he said. “Typically, it’s a single mom. . . who has chosen to work. These folks are making, $6, $7, or $8 an hour and supporting two or three kids.” In most cases, King said, the family is making it financially when something unexpected, such as a medical emergency, leaves them deep in debt. Losing their earned income credit which he noted is only given to those who are working in a court proceeding is only making things worse. He became familiar with the problem through pro bono work representing legal aid clients.“You’ve got to admire these people. They have a tough life, and when you take this away from them, it’s like kicking them when they’re down,” King said. He noted other government benefits, such as welfare or food stamps, are already exempt from court judgments.Figures show that for 1998 (the latest available), an estimated 7,325 Floridians lost their EIC to a bankruptcy or other court proceeding, and the average EIC in Florida was $1,611. Using those numbers, the new law will put more than $11 million annually into the pockets of working Floridians.King said he spent the first year of his campaign drafting and redrafting legislation to meet the concerns of all interested parties. Last year, he saw the bill unanimously clear the House, but die on the floor of the Senate in the last minute crush of legislation.This year it passed unanimously in the Senate and with only one dissent in the House, King said. He said the smooth sailing was due to the efforts of several legislators, particularly Rep. Mike Hogan, R-Jacksonville, who sponsored the House version of the bill, and Sen. Jim Horne, R-Orange Park, who sponsored the Senate version. It was signed by the governor on June 1.Although he was concerned creditors’ interests might organize to oppose the bill, that never happened.“Everyone agreed this was the right thing to do,” King said, adding the bill was also endorsed by the Bar’s Business Law Section.“It’s a safety net kind of thing. This is the one program that’s not a giveaway program. This is the kind of a program that you would want to encourage,” he said. “These people are working. That’s the only way they can get it.”This is actually King’s second venture into the legislative arena. He was also successful several years ago in exempting the document stamp levy on deeds transferred between divorcing spouses.In that case, King said doc stamps were intended to tax a transfer of property ownership after a sale, but that didn’t really apply to a divorce where property was being settled and not sold. He said the main problem was the house usually went to the custodial spouse who was hit with a several hundred dollar doc stamp bill at the time his or her income was usually cut because of the divorce.That effort took four years.And just in case you think it would be nice to enlist King in your next legislative effort, don’t bother.“My wife has made me promise I’m not going to do this anymore,” he said with a laugh, “because we made too many trips to Tallahassee.”last_img read more

4 ways to teach financial responsibility to your kids

first_img 219SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Pettit John Pettit is the Managing Editor for John manages the content on the site, including current news, editorial, press releases, jobs and events. He keeps the credit union … Web: Details There are a lot of different money worries that keep us up at night. A lot of those worries could have been thwarted if we’d just done a few things differently when we were younger. If you don’t want your kids to go through the same issues that you’ve had to deal with, here are a few ways you can teach your children to be more financially responsible…Give them money: It’s hard to learn about handling money when you don’t have any. That being said, don’t just give them money and let that be the end of it. Give your kids chores around the house and provide them with a regular allowance so they can start to learn that money doesn’t grow on trees.Make them save: If you let your kids spend their allowance freely, you won’t be doing them any favors. Talk to your children about retirement and teach them about compound interest. Establish savings goals for your kids and reward them for saving each month by throwing in a little extra when their goals are met.Let them spend: Kids want stuff. You can’t afford to buy them everything they want. Teach your children about making responsible purchases and let them spend their money on things that make sense. Not only will they get the thing they want, but they’ll learn a little something about spending, saving, and budgeting.Teach them frugality: Don’t turn your children into a bunch of cheapskates but show them how to save their money for the things that really matter. Don’t give them money for a Gatorade after practice when a reusable water bottle can easily quench their thirst. Show them that there’s usually a more affordable option available for whatever they’re looking to purchase.last_img read more

Senate Judiciary Committee prepared testimony

first_imgRepublican senators on the Judiciary Committee voted to authorize subpoenas for the two CEOs in light of their handling of the article. Democrats were not present for the meeting because they were boycotting a vote on Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court. The CEOs ultimately agreed to testify voluntarily, less than a month after they appeared before the Senate Commerce Committee to discuss similar issues alongside Google CEO Sundar Pichai.Dorsey: Killing Section 230 will stifle speechIn his prepared statement, Dorsey cautioned that getting rid of Section 230 would have the opposite effect that lawmakers intend.“Completely eliminating Section 230 or prescribing reactionary government speech mandates will neither address concerns nor align with the First Amendment,” he wrote. “Indeed, such actions could have the opposite effect, likely resulting in increased removal of speech, the proliferation of frivolous lawsuits, and severe limitations on our collective ability to address harmful content and protect people online.”- Advertisement – Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Square co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey.Getty Images | CNBC Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey are making their second appearance before the Senate in less than a month to defend the legal liability shield that underpins their business models.Both CEOs plan to highlight their efforts to crack down on misinformation around the U.S. elections, according to their prepared testimony for Tuesday’s hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. They will also urge lawmakers to tread carefully in their efforts to reform Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects them from being held liable for their users’ posts.The hearing, titled “Breaking the News: Censorship, Suppression, and the 2020 Election,” is expected to focus on the platforms’ role in spreading and cracking down on messages related to this year’s elections. It came about after Facebook and Twitter both took actions to reduce the spread of an unverified New York Post article claiming to contain a “smoking gun” email about President-elect Joe Biden and his son before the election. Biden has called the story a “smear” and his campaign claimed the Post “never asked the Biden campaign about the critical elements of this story,” including that President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani supposedly acquired the documents.- Advertisement – He added, “The world has changed since Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 became law, but the fundamentals of online speech that led to its passage largely remain.”Dorsey also wrote that the situation with the Post article showed the need for transparency among tech companies when they change their policies.Twitter initially prevented users from sharing the Post story because it violated company policies on hacked materials and personal information. Specifically, the story contained images of documents supposedly taken from a hard drive that belonged to Hunter Biden without his knowledge. Some of the documents shown in the article contained unredacted private email addresses.Dorsey wrote that it created the hacked materials policy in 2018, after discussions with the U.S. government, to prevent Twitter from becoming a conduit for the spread of hacked materials. But after journalists and others complained about how Twitter handled the Post article, Twitter revised the policy to cover only materials directly shared by hackers.“The @NYPost example demonstrates the complexity of content moderation and policy enforcement decisions,” Dorsey wrote in his prepared statement.He also discussed Twitter’s principles of procedural fairness and algorithmic choice, addressing conservatives’ concerns about alleged bias. He wrote that while enforcement mistakes are “inevitable,” Twitter makes it easy to appeal.“Procedural fairness at Twitter also means we ensure that all decisions are made without using political viewpoints, party affiliation, or political ideology, whether related to automatically ranking content on our service or how we develop or enforce the Twitter Rules,” Dorsey wrote.Zuckerberg on how Facebook helped the 2020 voteZuckerberg did not address the Post article directly in his prepared remarks, but instead reiterated his calls for Section 230 reform while urging caution.Facebook was among the most prominent supporters of another Section 230 reform, FOSTA-SESTA, which eliminated the liability protection for sites facilitating sex trafficking.Still, Zuckerberg wrote that Section 230’s protections allow platforms to facilitate free expression and also moderate objectionable messages including harassment.“It’s important that any changes to the law don’t prevent new companies or businesses from being built, because innovation in the internet sector brings real benefits to billions of people around the world,” Zuckerberg said in his written remarks.Zuckerberg also talked about the company’s efforts around the 2020 election.He highlighted Facebook’s moves to promote voter registration to users, fight misinformation and voter suppression, and tamp down on efforts to delegitimize the election. Zuckerberg pointed out that Facebook took proactive steps as the votes were being counted, like informing users of election results as they became available, attaching labels to messages seeking to delegitimize the election outcome or voting methods, and strengthening enforcement against militias and conspiracy networks.In closing, Zuckerberg discussed the challenges of balancing “competing equities.”“Sometimes the right thing to do from a safety or security perspective isn’t the best for privacy or free expression, so we have to choose what we believe is best for our community and for the world,” he said in his written remarks.“Making these tradeoffs is not straightforward, and whatever path we choose, inevitably some people are disappointed. In addition, people have very different ideas about how the internet should be governed. This is something many platforms struggle with, and it’s why I believe we should resolve some of these tensions together as a society and in a way that people feel is legitimate.”WATCH: How the internet is regulatedcenter_img – Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

Days of Croatian tourism in Russia and Sell Croatia workshop

first_imgPhoto: RUSSIAN MUSIC TELEVISION MUS TV RECORDS ZAGREB ADVENT According to the CNTB, the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Gari Cappelli, and the Director of the Croatian Tourist Board, Mr. Kristjan Staničić, confirmed their arrival in Moscow, and a short visit of all 28 ambassadors of EU countries is expected to give additional importance to Croatia. as the leading European tourist destination, which will also chair the EU Council during that period. If you are interested in participating it needs to be filled out  ON-LINE application form at the latest to 20.12.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX or until the place is filled. For additional questions, please contact the CNTB office in Moscow by e-mail  or by phone 007 495 258 1507.  “The growth of tourist traffic from the Russian emitting market compared to last year will amount to almost 14 percent this year, and the interest of Russian tourists and the Russian tourist sector in Croatian destinations is constantly growing. Bearing in mind that Russian tourists are at the very top of the scale in terms of consumption, it is really important to constantly work on promoting Croatia as a top destination for Russian tourists. “, said the director of the CNTB Representation in Russia Rajko Ružička, adding that Croatia was once again included in the top three destinations for family vacations in the selection of the Russian edition of the National Geographic magazine.  This event is an ideal opportunity for all representatives of Croatian tourism to start or expand cooperation with the Russian tourism sector and consequently, as well as significantly increase tourist traffic from the Russian emitting market, which has been recovering and growing for years. This is a large and significant b2b event where the leading people of Croatian and Russian tourism are expected. A panel discussion of Russian and Croatian colleagues is planned , business workshops (general, nautical and medical tourism) , entertainment program, awards and gala dinners and the arrival of leading Russian travel organizers and agencies.center_img “We are convinced that this event is an ideal opportunity for all representatives of Croatian tourism to start or expand cooperation with the Russian tourism sector and consequently, as well as significantly increase tourist traffic from the Russian emitting market, which has been recovering and growing for years. January is the right time to negotiate deals, since then tour operators and travel agencies in Russia are intensively preparing arrangements for Croatia and finalizing their summer programs with which they enter the market. ” they point out from the CNTB and emphasize how it is a visa is required to come to Russia and for all information it is necessary to contact the Russian Embassy in Croatia or their visa center.  Due to the great potential and importance of the Russian emitting market and the continuous growth of Russian tourist arrivals in recent years, as well as the interests of the Croatian and Russian tourism industry, the Croatian Tourist Board is organizing a special presentation of Croatia as a top tourist destination for Russian tourists and the Russian tourism industry. Days of Croatian tourism in Russia which will be held January 30, 2020 in the very center of Moscow (Dom Smirnova, Tverskaya Boulevard 18). RELATED NEWS: The Russian market is expected to grow by 14 percent next year  Business workshops entitled “Sell ​​Croatia“(B2B workshop) are held between Croatian tourism entities and foreign partners. Characteristic of the concept of “Sell Croatia” is the maintenance of emitting markets, the main of which are meetings of representatives of the Croatian tourism industry (hotel and tourism companies, travel agencies and DMC, TZ system) with foreign partners and business meetings with partners and purchase negotiations services and / or packages.last_img read more

World’s largest offshore wind farm selects O&M base

first_imgAll three phases will feature GE Haliade-X 12 MW wind turbines installed on monopile foundations. A preferred supplier for the fabrication of the foundations will be announced in 2020, the developers said. The jobs required to operate an offshore wind farm include maintenance technician roles, that will predominately be based offshore, as well as office-based teams to support the operations from land. The main recruitment activity will begin in early 2022 and ramp up as the project nears operation, with the first phase due to begin producing electricity in 2023. Equinor and SSE Renewables plan to build a new Operations and Maintenance (O&M) base at the Port of Tyne, UK, to service the 3.6 GW Dogger Bank offshore wind project. Dogger Bank Wind Farm is a 50:50 joint venture (JV) between Equinor and SSE Renewables. Source: Port of Tyne The Dogger Bank Wind Farm is estimated to trigger a total capital investment of approximately GBP 9 billion between 2020 and 2026. The Dogger Bank wind farm comprises three 1.2 GW phases, with each phase located more than 130 kilometres from the North East coast of England. The final investment decision on Dogger Bank A and Dogger Bank B will be made in late 2020, with the FID for Dogger Bank C scheduled for 2021.center_img The construction of the wind farm, led by SSE Renewables, began in January 2020. As the operator for the operations phase, Equinor will construct this new O&M base, and operate the wind farm for its expected life of more than 25 years. The new facility, which includes both office space and a warehouse, will be the onshore base for Equinor’s teams. The project is expected to generate over 200 direct jobs in the region, as well as opportunities for companies at all levels of the supply chain. The Project Stephen Bull, Senior Vice President for Equinor’s North Sea New Energy Solutions, and Chair of Renewable UK, said: “The North East has a strong industrial heritage and a supply area that stretches north and south of the River Tyne. With a strong low-carbon vision for the future; as well as targets to become net zero in its own operations by 2030 the Port of Tyne is clearly well set up to attract future investments which we hope will complement our activities.” The project is also committed to engaging with the UK supply chain, to ensure that UK companies have the chance to get involved, whether it be directly or through one of the project’s Tier One and Two suppliers. An online procurement portal has been established and meet the buyer events will be held in due course, to encourage UK companies to get involved, the developers said.last_img read more

P1.8M worth of ‘shabu’ seized

first_imgResidents Norman De Asis and Sandro Bantadyielded the suspected illegal drugs, a police report showed. De Asis and Bantad were nabbed after they soldsuspected shabu to an undercover officer for P1,000 around 10:30 p.m. on Sept.16, the report added. BACOLOD City – Suspected shabu weighing about120 grams valued at around P1.8 million was seized in a buy-bust operation inBarangay 27.center_img The suspects were detained in the custodial facilityof Police Station 4, facing charges for violation of Republic Act 9165, or theComprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002./PNlast_img

England against Colombia and history for place in quarters

first_imgMoscow, July 2: England will try and overcome the weight of history of knockout heartbreaks in recent past when they face Colombia in the last 16 of the FIFA World Cup here on Tuesday while the South American outfit will attempt to secure a place in the quarter-finals for the second time in succession.England changed nine of their outfield players as they lost to Belgium in their last group game. Coach Gareth Southgate will know if that was the right policy as he looks to lead England to their first win in the knockout stage of a major tournament since World Cup 2006.Southgate has all his squad available except for Fabian Delph, who flew back to the UK on Friday for the birth of his third child, with Dele Ali expected to replace Ruben Loftus-Cheek in midfield after a calf strain saw him sidelined against Panama and Belgium.John Stones should have no problems playing in defence after he was seen with an ice-bag on his calf after being substituted at half time against Belgium with Southgate saying that had always been his intention.Harry Kane will be England’s main danger with the leader of the race for the 2018 Golden Boot looking to add to the five goals he scored in the first two matches.In attack, he will have the support of Raheem Sterling while attacking midfielders like Ali and Jesse Lingard are good enough to trouble any opposition.Colombia will look to big central defender Yerry Mina and Davinson Sanchez to counteract that threat. The Barcelona stopper has scored two goals himself following set pieces taken by Juan Quintero. IANSlast_img read more