Utah Baseball Evens Series With USC, Winning 5-4

first_img Tags: Pac 12/Utah Utes Baseball FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailSALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Utah’s baseball team evened up the series against USC with a 5-4 win at Smith’s Ballpark in Salt Lake City, Utah.With the score tied in the bottom of the sixth and runners on first and third, Oliver Dunn got down a successful squeeze play to score Briley Knight and give the Utes the lead back. Zack Moeller added one more crucial run in the next at bat with a single to score Matt Richardson, putting the Utes up 5-3.Brett Brocoff had a strong outing on the mound going 6.2 innings and giving up four runs. USC didn’t get a run across the plate until the fifth inning.Utah started the game manufacturing a run with two outs in the first inning. Erick Migueles singled and after a Rykker Tom walk, Shea Kramer singled to left field to bring Migueles home.The Utes added to their lead in the fourth as Richardson singled to knock in Chase Fernlund from second.USC scored their runs in the fifth, sixth and seventh innings and tied up the score in the fifth and the sixth, but Utah took the lead back each time to get Brocoff the win.The Utes totaled 11 hits on the afternoon with five doubles. They also came up clutch when they needed to scoring three of the team’s five runs with two outs.As USC tried to tie the score up once again, Zac McCleve came in to preserve the lead pitching 2.1 innings and getting his second save of the season.The win moves Utah to 9-18 on the season and 2-12 in the Pac-12.They’ll go for the series win against USC on Saturday, April 13 at 11:30 a.m. in Smith’s Ballpark. April 12, 2019 /Sports News – Local Utah Baseball Evens Series With USC, Winning 5-4 Written by Robert Lovelllast_img read more

“IS IT TRUE” MARCH 31, 2020

first_imgIS IT TRUE when the people fear the Government we have Tyranny!  When the Government fears the people we have Liberty? IS IT TRUE our “READERS POLLS” are non-scientific but trendy?Today’s “Readers Poll” question is: Should medical providers and elected officials conduct their medical briefings in public instead of talking with each over the phone?Please take time and read our articles entitled “STATEHOUSE FILES, LAW ENFORCEMENT, “READERS POLL”, BIRTHDAYS, HOT JOBS”, EDUCATION, OBITUARIES and “LOCAL SPORTS”.You now are able to subscribe to get the CCO daily.If you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us at City-County [email protected] IS IT TRUE that people don’t care who you were but they only care who you are now? FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?(Recently we detected an issue where our subscribers may have not been getting breaking news alerts from the City-County Observer. This notification is to let you know that starting today you have been added to receive future news alerts.  If you no longer want to receive future news alerts please opt-out by clicking the  link in your e-mail to unsubscribe)IS IT TRUE that “Government Shouldn’t Do For People What They Can Do For Themselves”?  …now is the time for “Government To Do For People What They Can’t Do For Themselves”?IS IT TRUE we are told that when you have a major crisis the best approach is to plan for the worst?  …that sometimes the truth can bring fear but adversity brings strength?IS IT TRUE it was recently reported in the local media that at least one EPD officer has tested positive for the Coronavirus and is quarantined?…we certainly wish this officer a quick recovery? …we were just informed that a number of officers on the Evansville Police Department have also been quarantined for 14 days due to potential exposure to the Coronavirus? …if our information is correct we feel that this situation merits a public statement from someone with authority concerning the current status of the EPD?IS IT TRUE because of the uncertainly of the Coronavirus members of the Evansville Fire Department were told to cancel any planned vacations?  …also members of the Police Departments were told not to plan any future vacations?IS IT TRUE that personal property tax bills for Vanderburgh County have been mailed this week with Spring payment being due on or before May 11th, 2020. Fall payment due on or before November 10th, 2020? …due to the COVID-19 crisis, (per Executive Order 20-05), the Governor has excused property tax penalties for 60 days?IS IT TRUE that many people are extremely disappointed that the Mayor, County Council, and County Commissioner continue to discuss the status of the Coronavirus with local medical providers vie the phone? …its time that our elected officials get real and call a  press conference to explain to the masses that the deadly Coronavirus is already at our footsteps and provide us with their detailed plans how they are going to keep us safe?IS IT TRUE last Friday Indiana State Health officials said that Coronavirus cases in Indiana probably won’t peak until mid-to-late April?  …that Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb said “We don’t see the peak yet, these numbers are compounding,” Holcomb said. “This is like a snowball that’s rolling downhill and getting bigger and bigger and bigger.”?  …when asked if he plans to extend the “Stay-At-Home” order, he said, “he is making decisions day-by-day and will wait closer to the end date of April 7 to decide”? …we wonder why the Governor would waste his time extending his “Stay At Home” order because very few people are paying attention to his current “Stay-At-Home” order?IS IT TRUE all you have to do is drive around Evansville and Vanderburgh County its obvious that our local officials aren’t enforcing Governor Holcomb state-mandated “Stay-At-Home” order?IS IT TRUE we watched Governors Andrew Como (NEW YORK), Andy Beshear KENTUCKY), J.B. Pritzker (ILLINOIS) speak in detail on how to protect people from the Coronavirus? …they are brutally direct, honest, well informed and well-spoken? …they understand how deadly this virus can be and how to take it head-on?  … it’s also obvious that they are putting ordinary citizens, first responders and health professionals above profits?IS IT TRUE over the years the  City Of Evansville “Rainy Day Fund” was spent on non-essential items?  …the past and present City Council members never required the Mayor to refurbished this fund to a sustainable level?IS IT TRUE if the city had been a little more frugal with the donations to local non-profits they would have additional funds available to help with the budgetary shortfall caused by deficit spending and the CORONAVISUS crisis?IS IT TRUE it appears that the working poor of Evansville who rely on public transportation is the beneficiary of the financial cuts to the METS transportation budget?IS IT TRUE Federal Grants are awarded to Governmental entities to be used for specific programs or projects but the Grants shouldn’t be used as a way to balance their budgets?IS IT TRUE we hope that the financial adjustments made to the 2020 Fire Department budget don’t hamper the future fire fighting capabilities of the Department?IS IT TRUE  that any kind of lipid solvent will disrupt the Coronavirus, such as soaps, detergents, and smaller alcohols? …you need to use about 70% ethanol in water for optimum effectivenesslast_img read more

ABF steps up volumes at Allied Bakeries

first_imgAssociated British Foods (ABF) has revealed that Kingsmill owner Allied Bakeries is increasing its volumes in its trading statement for the 40 weeks ended 20 June 2015. Kingsmill is “rebuilding its presence” in Tesco after the retailer restocked two lines following its mass delisting of Kingsmill sliced in May. However, ABF said that margins remained “under pressure”.The group’s performance of its grocery business remains on track and it has also seen profit recovery in its ingredients and agriculture arms, retaining the “strong momentum of last year”.The sugar crop is expected to be around 1m tonnes (mt), down from 1.45mt last year, which will lead to a fall in ABF’s quota stock levels. This is reducing across the EU with further reduction expected next year.However, EU sugar prices have shown some signs of recovery, according to the European Commission.Overall, group revenue for the period was 2% ahead of the same period last year at constant currency, and was level at actual exchange rates.The statement said: “As previously indicated, the impact of currency on results for the next financial year will be more significant than this year and arises from transactional currency exposures, primarily in British Sugar and Primark.”last_img read more

‘While Josh Sleeps’

I am a system of oppressionand you’re a Scorpio, with Austincoasting toward us as the shark, though allwe can really see from hereis a polar sheet of clouds, the world not round at alllike we’ve suspected, nor in possessionof the manufactured edge, but flat aloneand going on forever, nothing up hereto walk across or screw a headboard to,and I fear we won’t be ableto maintain this level of honestywith each other. People are listening. Depressionis the normal body, just the giant thingstrapped to G-forces, so hardto lift one’s head, and in the final analysisI hate a cup of tea: it always tasteslike roots to me, and rootsare so proud, headed for the hidden sourceslike scholarly experts, moving always furtheraway from what they feed. You knowI didn’t want, along with the earthwardmermaids, to honor my wayonto the beach, pectoral fins evolvingtoward the better flagof hands. Rather than that earth,if we should break into it, I’d like to fall into the seafrom here, grow tails with you, returnto where fish robs fishand the big snails moveponderously, alone as automobilesand far from grace, as we were told,the word salvation not invented yetnor the forfeiture of sound. I don’t knowwhat I mean. Microbe and harness,the ocean will not invent us, and 1) as I have said, honestyis important; 2) in stature, yes, you are a verytiny person, and yet, 3) you know how it iswith some sharks: youngerin testament, emergent conditionsin the water park, but neverleave a tooth behind. And so it isI fantasize that I’m a smaller personon airplanes, though history teaches usthat bodily confinements—the tray stand, the void—sometimes lead to thoughtand vision. Josh will tell youif you ask him it was William Blakewho walked outside one dayand saw a tree, teeming with angels, and I thinkBlake may have even thoughtthey were a pretty sight. I wouldn’t have been so sure: hardto tell an angel from a ghost:both of them repositioning chainsin high branches, both extremely dedicatedto craft, both with the heavenly lightstreaming out of their mouths, both utterlyand horribly dead. In truth I don’t like flying at allbut not for the usual reasons: I think they should make flighta more terrifying experience, the employmentof glass bottomed planes, or pilotsreciting the Lord’s Prayer, other bitsof inspirational verse, flight attendantswho pretend to hear me sayI have a bomb, come and live with meinside this bomb. But mostly I feel so vulnerablewith all these strangers lookingat the back of my head. I wish I had eyesback there, but also a living nose, and a mouthfulof working teeth, though this of coursemakes me wonder how it would feelto kiss two women at once,on both sides of my head, with the regular mouthand the back-up. You would besuch a conduit, the women sending messagesto each other through your skull, and sinceyou were the implement, you would never knowif they were telling lies about youor just speaking intimately, like sisters,who dig their tunnels through a hillfrom both directions, meet in the middlewhere they hold hands and collect grubsand earthworms in a Holly Hobby lunch-box.But I like it best, with the single mouth,when the woman misjudges the spacing a bit,then cracks into your teethwith her teeth, like a shark hitting the cage, and this all well beforethe underpants and the nicotine patcheshit the floor, you and your partner the known centerof the named tradition, the body’s mystery unanswerable(sweet, sweet lunch-box)yet completely exhaustible, the malestill the taller of the species, and not a differentkind of animal. There’s an honesty, at least,in these collisions, maybe just becauseyou get reminded of your skeleton, there beautifulbut hidden, so no one ever gets to see itin the light, at least not during the parleyof affectionate conditions, its vision only sanctionedby the body through a windshieldand later in the weirdflirtation of the trauma ward.  When youwere just a kid, I rocked Austinon back into Mexico, afterwards walked the stripwithout bodyguard, my tongue like a sheet of sand paperworking the roof of my mouthinto a vaulted proscenium, the angelic ordersinscribed into the fishscale patternsof the hard palate, and I wishedto be small enough to standon the stage of my own tongue,ping a couple of high notes off the newacoustics, as it seemed sometimes—like in the myth about the maiden changed to stone—that my voice would never end,and the man stamping hands outsidethe club I wound up in (Austin), did he not hold my handa little longer than necessary? then lookinto my eyes? He smelled likea copy machine, the void rolling off of him8 x 11, and in that way—and I mean thisas a compliment—you kind of remind meof him. So when you finally take yourself awayto the other passengers, I’m going to hitthe call button, and you’ll come walking back to medown the narrow aisle, and then we’ll head offto the bathroom together, leave the occupied signunlit, so one by one the passengerswill have to look upon us, unawares,but be forced to hold their disapproval in abeyancesince we will just be standing in there, clothedand deciding where we’re going to stayon our honeymoon, joking over howwe forced an entire wedding partyinto wearing white, how down the aisle the best man wheeledyour ring to you on a tiny cart (thanksTommy), and all the cows sleeping below usin the pastures as we fly over them, they will lay themselves downand finally sleep like normal people, without fearof the rubric of the wolf or the gallowsof their own untenable weight. The earthis funny that way, not always the receptacleof monoliths. In the mean time,though, I’ll have a couple of aspirinand whatever it was that William Blakewas having, and then I’d like to ask the pilot nowif I could be returned to this bitof airspace again, this one, right there,it’s gone now, so sad: it had that anonymous,rectangular feeling to it, like a hotel roomor the top of a pool table, and for a just a coupleseconds there—remember?—right before we started droppingthrough a bank of clouds topping off Austinlike a barrister’s wig, we were happy in it. Read the full Gazette story on Josh Bell and hear “Hidden Lake.” read more

University salutatorian discusses importance of maintaining service-oriented mindset

first_imgHaving traveled abroad for three summers working in Shirati, Tanzania, and Masaka, Uganda, serving as the co-president of GlobeMed and conducting research through the Kellogg International Scholars program, class of 2019 salutatorian Annelise Gill-Wiehl fulfilled her belief that “we’re here for more.”An environmental engineering major and international development studies minor, Gill-Wiehl said she initially wanted to study water infrastructure, but after taking classes within the major and traveling abroad, she began to see the decencies of electricity.The summer after her freshman year, Gill-Wiehl said she went to Masaka, Uganda, on a Kellogg internship to work for a local agricultural training center, founded by a woman who saw agriculture as an opportunity for families to rise out of poverty. Over the course of her summer there, Gill-Wiehl organized workshops on water conservation and environmental protection and built a water runoff collection tank, but she said her experiences with her host family sparked her passion for energy.“Because they spoke such limited English, I bonded with them by cooking,” she said. “It became one of my favorite things, cooking with my host sister, cooking with my host mom, learning the traditional foods, but we did it all on fire wood and charcoal stoves.”The next summer, she traveled to Shirati, Tanzania, to investigate household energy usage, and the next year, she returned to design a pilot study, training local community members to use gas stoves to work with the households in their own neighborhoods to transition to clean fuel.“The purpose was to really instill a behavior change that’s facilitated by the community itself,” she said.Her involvement abroad extended beyond her time in Uganda and Tanzania, as Gill-Wiehl also served as the co-president of GlobeMed this past year. Although Gill-Wiehl never considered a career medicine, she said she was drawn to the manner in which the club approaches outreach.“It was founded on the principle that, as college students, we don’t know what’s going on in rural Laos,” she said. “We’re working in partnership with them to understand what’s actually going on there and what their needs are, and I really loved that example of international development and the idea of being in partnership with organizations and communities rather than being a white donor that’s telling them what to do.”Gill-Wiehl said she knew she wanted to work in poverty and justice before she came to Notre Dame, and two of her favorite books — “Mountains Beyond Mountains” by Tracy Kidder and “Santiago’s Children” by Steve Reifenberg — have helped her order her time at the University.“They’ve really formed how I could look at how my career could be, understanding that larger purpose and opening my eyes to international development and a preferential option for the poor and giving me the language around structural violence,” she said.Outside of academics and research, Gill-Wiehl said she loves running, traveling and drinking coffee. “I love having conversations over coffee,” she said. “I think that it’s magical how it brings people together. In Starbucks, it’s nice to just eavesdrop on the great conversations between students or professors and students. So yes, I’ve been known to beat everyone out on coffee consumption for sure.”Reflecting on her time at Notre Dame, Gill-Wiehl said her Notre Dame education has extended far beyond academics.“I’ve found the heart of my passions and the purpose of those academics in my research in my extra activities,” she said. “Prioritize your academics, but prioritize the activities that really inspire you and bring you energy and life.”Gill-Wiehl said she intends to maintain the passions she cultivated at the University long after she leaves campus, and she hopes her fellow graduating seniors will do the same.“We’re here for more, and we shouldn’t lose that sense that we’re here for more just because we aren’t at Notre Dame,” she said.Tags: Class of 2019, Commencement 2019, university salutatorianlast_img read more

Hot Shot! Treasury Secretary Jack Lew Heads to Hamilton

first_img from $149.00 Related Shows View Comments Hamilton It takes one to know one! On August 26, Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda welcomed a special guest backstage: Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. If that seems a little less exciting than J.Lo, Zachary Quinto, Stephen Colbert or even the Veep, you might be missing an important fact. Secretary Lew probably wouldn’t have his current job without Alexander Hamilton. After all, the 10-dollar Founding Father was the very first Secretary of the Treasury. Now that the government honcho has seen the hip-hop musical celebrating his predecessor, perhaps he’ll rethink that redesign. last_img

The Public’s Sweat & Party People Extend

first_img View Comments Off-Broadway’s Sweat and Party People have been extended at the Public Theater! Lynn Nottage’s Sweat will now run an additional week through December 4, while Party People is scheduled to play through December 11.Sweat begins previews on October 18, with an opening night set for November 3. The drama stars Tony nominee Johanna Day and Younger favorite Miriam Shor. Directed by Kate Whoriskey, Sweat tells the story of a group of friends who have spent their lives sharing drinks, secrets and laughs while working together on the line of a factory floor. But when layoffs and picket lines begin to chip away at their trust, the friends find themselves pitted against each other in the hard fight to stay afloat.Scheduled to start performances on November 1, Party People will open on November 14. Helmed by Eclipsed director Liesl Tommy, old wounds and generational divides collide in this multi-media theatrical event about the price of being a revolutionary, and what it means for those who come after. Public Theaterlast_img read more

National Consumer Protection Week 2011: AG warns Vermonters about fraud

first_imgIn recognition of National Consumer Protection Week and in response to ongoing Vermont consumer complaints, Attorney General William H Sorrell warns consumers to be wary of frauds and scams that use wire transfer services, debt consolidators, and threatening collection calls all intended to take money from Vermonters.Fraud”Through a variety of means – posing as family or friends in distress, classified ads, bogus lottery and sweepstakes prize notices, and phony job offers – scammers use creative ways to get consumers to send them money by wire ransfer. We all need to know, and to make sure our loved ones know, that wire transfers are a key tool for scammers to get your hard-earned money. Vermonters should consider suspicious and possibly fraudulent, any unanticipated requests for funds by wire transfer.”How can you tell if it’s fraud?Did you get a call or e-mail from a family member in distress?- In recent months, Vermont consumers have lost tens of thousands of dollars to this scam. The consumer received a call from someone who sounded just like a family member, calling in distress while supposedly travelling and in need of emergency funds. The consumer may be told the family member has been arrested or mugged and lost all their money. The consumer is asked not to report it to other family members. If you receive a call or e-mail from a family member or friend requesting money be sent by wire transfer-STOP and contact another family member or friend to verify whether that the person is actually travelling, or contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance Program for assistance.Did you get a check or money order in the mail?- Vermont consumers have also lost substantial funds to scammers after receiving what appeared to be a valid check or money order with instructions to deposit it, and then return some of the funds by wire transfer. Whether the check is an “advance on winnings”, “payment” for “mystery shopper” services, an overpayment for an item you are selling, or any other similar circumstance, the check always comes back as fake. Many of these fake checks can take weeks to come back as fake or drawn on accounts with no funds, but in every instance, the bank will require the consumer to pay back the money.Have you responded to an internet ad for an apartment rental?- Recently, Vermonters have also lost money to scammers offering a Vermont apartment or vacation property for rent. The scammer requests the consumer to send the security deposit by wire transfer. Scammers copy real estate listings and pose as absentee landlords, then “approve” the consumer for the “lease” and request an application fee or security deposit by wire. By the time the consumer learns that the property is bogus or they sent the money to someone that does not own the property, the money is gone. Check with local housing authorities regarding the existence of the actual property and establish the owner.What can you do if you have been targeted?Cease all contact with the scammer- If you have been targeted by a scammer, do not continue contact with the scammer.Stop or report any wire transfer of funds- If you have sent funds by wire transfer, contact the wire transfer company immediately to report the fraud and halt the transaction. If you are able to report it before the money is picked up, you may be able to stop the transaction. Unfortunately, in most cases once the scammer has the transaction reference number, the funds are collected within minutes.Contact authorities- Contact your local police to report the fraud, as well as the Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance Program (CAP). CAP tracks wire transfer fraud reports and uses the information in its efforts to work with wire transfer companies to combat wire transfer fraud.Know how to spot a fraud- Wire transfer fraud is difficult to investigate, as the funds can often be picked up at any location and the scammers are often out of the country. Vermonters’ best defense against this predatory activity is to understand and avoid these scams altogether. Collection ThreatsSorrell is cautioning Vermonters to be wary of fake collection calls that threaten consumers with dire consequences for failing to pay on a supposed debt. “These calls violate Vermont law. Collection agents may not threaten arrest, garnishments of wages, loss of personal property or other consequences they cannot enforce without a court order,” says Sorrell. Many of the calls claim to be collecting on an unpaid “payday” or short-term loan. In some cases, consumers had received short term loans, but had paid them in full. Payday loans are unlawful in Vermont, as the interest rates far exceed the rates allowable under Vermont banking law.What you can do if you are targeted by shady collectors:Don’t engage with the caller: The hostile and threatening tactics employed by these callers is intended to scare you into paying. Politely request information in writing and end the call. DO NOT make payment arrangements or agree to terms over the telephone, as such agreements are difficult to prove or enforce.Do not provide or verify any personal information: Do not give or verify your social security number, bank account information or date of birth, even if it appears the caller may know the information. Do not acknowledge you may owe a debt. Request the information be sent to you ‘ the caller should have your address and then end the call.Request information on the debt and the collection agency: Under debt collection practices law, you have the right to know the full name and contact information for any collection agency that contacts you, as well as to request proof of the debt in writing.Respond in writing to any written notification of a debt: If a collection agency sends you a notice in writing that you have a debt, but does not provide the specifics of the debt, respond in writing and request all the information about the debt be sent to you, including a copy of their right to collect the debt. Do not verify any personal information. Send your response by certified or registered mail. Under debt collection practices law, the collection agency must furnish proof in writing that you owe the debt upon your request and provide their authority to collect on the debt, or cease collection of the debt.Tell the collection agency how they may contact you: You have the right to request that any collection agency contact you only in the manner that you choose (such as by mail or through your attorney), or not contact you at all (called a cease-contact request). Your request must be in writing and should be sent by certified or registered mail so you have proof of receipt.Report harassing, threatening or bogus collection calls: If you receive bogus, threatening or harassing calls, you may report the calls to authorities. Violations of fair debt collection practices laws can be reported to the Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance Program. You may find more information about your debt collection rights or file a complaint online (www.uvm.edu/consumer(link is external)) or contact CAP by phone toll free in Vermont at (800) 649-2424 or (802) 656-3183. Threats of physical harm should be immediately reported to your local law enforcement agency. Free OfferSorrell is also reminding Vermonters to be wary of free trial offers because often they contain hidden fees and other subscription obligations. Attached to promotions from online merchants or associated with health-related or other products advertised on television and in print media, these free trial offers usually include inflated shipping or handling charges and an automatic subscription and monthly charge if the consumer does not cancel. “Companies hide recurring fees behind free trial offers and make cancelling membership plans hard in the hopes that consumers will forget or give up. They then continue to charge consumers monthly for services and products they don’t need or want,” says Sorrell. When consumers finally cancel they may be charged cancellation or restocking fees. Many consumers may miss the small monthly charges on their credit card, checking account or telephone statements.Protect yourself from hidden fees and recurring charges:Avoid or be wary of free trial offers and other similar promotions- Read the disclosure! Often by clicking YES, you are agreeing for your credit card number and other personal information to be forwarded to a promotion company running the free offer. Free trials, discount codes at the checkout of online merchants and low-cost initial purchases are all tricks used to get consumers to agree to something in the hope of saving money. Read the fine print, decline the promotional offers or get good information first about what it will take to cancel or stop any membership. Know where your financial information is going.Review your bank account, credit card and telephone statements carefully- Companies rely on the fact that many consumers do not review their statements line by line, and will likely miss a small charge. Small charges add up quickly over time and it is the consumer who is responsible for monitoring their statements.Dispute unauthorized charges right away- You are often able to contest a charge on your bill, but only within a certain amount of time. Contact your bank, credit card company or telephone service provider as soon as you notice a questionable charge and request that it be removed. You may have to provide some additional information, but in some cases these charges can be reversed if caught soon enough.Home Improvement FraudWith spring just around the corner, Attorney General Sorrell is advising Vermonters to choose contractors carefully for their home improvement projects. “Home improvement fraud strikes at what is, for most people, your biggest investment – your home,” says Sorrell. Contractors are not generally required to be licensed in Vermont, so Sorrell advises Vermont consumers to “be diligent about asking for references, getting recommendations from friends, and insisting on seeing bond or insurance information before you sign the contract.” Home improvement fraud costs Vermonters thousands of dollars each year, according to complaint records from the Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance Program. Home improvement fraud is a crime in Vermont.Protect against home improvement fraud:Get recommendations and check references- If you are looking to hire a contractor, talk to friends, neighbors, colleagues and other people you trust and get recommendations of who they have used. Ask any potential contractor for several references and contact those references. Ask questions about the contractor’s work quality, timeliness and ability to stick to a budget. Find out if there were any billing or cost issues, and how those were resolved.Write a detailed work plan as part of your contract- One of the best protections you can have is a detailed plan of the work and the cost of items. Tie payment to clear, objective goals in the contract that can be easily determined. Be clear about what remedy you can seek if the contractor fails to meet the terms of the contract, and what, if any, warranty is offered on the work.Get complete and thorough information from your contractor- Believe it or not, many consumers hire a contractor, only to realize they have very little information about how to contact the contractor when a problem arises. Require the full name, address and telephone numbers for the business and the individual contractor. Ask for the name, contact information and policy number for the contractor’s liability insurance company, and verify that the policy is still active.Check complaint histories- Before you hire a contractor, contact theConsumer Assistance Program to get the complaint history for the contractor, and check the State Home Improvement Fraud Registry.Having trouble resolving unauthorized charges? Contact CAP for help!Contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) toll free in Vermont with questions at (800) 649-2424 or (802) 656-3183, or visit CAP on the web atwww.uvm.edu/consumer(link is external) for more information or to file a complaint.center_img Debt ScamSorrell is warning Vermonters about companies that are preying upon Vermonters in financial distress by offering useless or non-existent “assistance” with settling credit card debt or rescuing mortgages in foreclosure. “Many companies marketing these services to Vermonters are not licensed in Vermont and perform little or no meaningful service for the thousands of dollars they charge,” Sorrell said. “While our office has aggressively pursued the unlicensed companies we learn about, many more are in contact with Vermonters each day. If you are seeking assistance with managing your debts or mortgage, make sure you are doing business with a company licensed in Vermont.”Consumers should be wary of companies that make big promises, but want payment up front for their services. Claims such as “settle your debt for half of what you owe” or “rescue your home from foreclosure” are rarely substantiated and occasionally completely false. Some companies may never contact creditors at all.What you can do to protect yourself:Verify licensure- Companies providing debt management or mortgage assistance services in Vermont need to be licensed by the Vermont Department of Banking in order to provide services to Vermont consumers. You can check to see if a company is licensed in Vermont online at the Vermont Department of Banking website, or by calling toll free at (888) 568-4547.Decline payment up front- insist on paying only when you have proof the company is in fact working on your behalf.Seek local assistance- Local agencies, such as the non-profit Consumer Credit Counseling Service of New Hampshire and Vermont and the Vermont Department of Banking’s Mortgage Assistance Program, are resources that can help you understand and begin to manage your debts.Contact CAP- The Attorney General’s Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) can help you recognize the red flags before you send any money away. Contact CAP to check complaint histories for a business or with any questions you may have. You can reach CAP toll free in Vermont at (800) 649-2424, or at (802) 656-3183, visit CAP on the web at www.uvm.edu/consumer(link is external).last_img read more

U.S. Solar Makes Up Majority of New Electricity Generation for the First Time

first_imgU.S. Solar Makes Up Majority of New Electricity Generation for the First Time FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Chris Martin for Bloomberg News:The U.S. solar industry had a record first quarter, accounting for the majority of new power generation for the first time.The 1,665 megawatts of solar power that came online in the first three months of the year represented 64 percent of new capacity, and wind provided 33 percent, analysts at GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association said in a statement Thursday.The U.S. solar industry will add 14.5 gigawatts this year, mainly with large utility-scale power plants, almost double the 7.5 gigawatts installed last year. Residential rooftops reached 1 million homes this year and will add another 1 million within two years, said Tom Kimbis, interim director of the Washington-based trade group.“The solar industry is growing at warp speed, driven by the fact that solar is one of the lowest-cost options for electricity,” Kimbis said in the statement.Full article: Solar Makes Up Most of New U.S. Power Capacity for First Timelast_img read more

Island Park Home Invasion Victim Tied Up, Shot

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Nassau County police are investigating an Island Park home invasion in which two masked gunmen shot a man they had tied up along with a woman on Wednesday night.The man and woman were inside the man’s Industrial Place home on Barnum Island when two men armed with handguns tied up the victims using zip ties and demanded money and jewelry at 10:15 p.m., police said.One of the gunmen then fired a shot, hitting the man in his leg, police said. The victim was later treated at the scene.The assailants fled in the victim’s vehicle with cash and jewelry.  Police recovered the vehicle nearby.The suspects were described as 20-30 years old, medium height and build. They were wearing black ski masks, blue jeans and dark jackets. They were last seen running northbound on Audubon Boulevard.Fourth Squad detectives ask anyone with information about this crime to contact Nassau County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS.  All callers will remain anonymous.last_img read more