I find her view to be very balanced. In her reportGarg had taken a view contrary to that of the committee of doctors constituted by the High Court She had clearly stated that the 19-year-olds pregnancy should not be terminated For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related News A key barrier between the New Mexico wildfire that started several days ago and the Los Alamos National Laboratory a road which has been cleared of trees and debris has held That has so far prevented the spread of the fire toward the lab which sits on the eastern side of the blaze That was the word today from Los Alamos County Fire Chief Doug Tucker during a briefing of reporters Only 3% of the fire has been officially contained Tucker said but winds are blowing the fire west away from the lab While the edge of the fire is only a few dozen meters from the edge of the lab’s property it is roughly 13 km from the most sensitive location the so-called "Area G" That site is a 63-acre storage facility where thousands of drums of nuclear waste sit many of which are outdoors But between the fire and that site is the remnants of a forest that was largely burned during a horrific 2000 fire on lab property That fire burned "90%" of the flammable material from the west side of the lab says Los Alamos retiree Charles Mansfield who worked as a physicist at the lab for 17 years and also as a forest firefighter a so-called smokejumper for 11 years Mansfield says he’s "not very concerned" about the fire reaching spreading east to Area G "It would be very difficult for the fire to get that far" he says Sometimes embers in a hotly burning fire can be lofted as much as 4 miles to start so-called "spot fires" But this requires a forest burning completely from the ground to the high branches he says The area of forest close enough to have a chance to create the heat and updrafts required to bring the blaze to Area G has already burned Mansfield contends That would mean that the grass and brush required to get the trees on fire is gone A 1-acre fire that started when embers landed in a remote area of the lab that is used for explosives testing is the only instance of the 70000 acre blaze reaching the sprawling laboratory grounds The lab which has been closed since Monday will remain closed tomorrow and possibly Friday Test results The latest data on what US middle school students know about science raises many questions NAEP US eighth graders did slightly better last year on a national science test than did their counterparts in 2009 But what that result says about the state of science in US schools is open to debate A 2-point rise to 152 (on a scale from 0 to 300) is part of what Jack Buckley head of the National Center for Education Statistics calls the "uniformly positive" results from the 2011 Science National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) at Grade 8 The pronounced racial gap in scores narrowed by a small but significant amount says Buckley from 36 points to 35 points for white students compared with black students and from 30 to 27 for white students compared with Hispanic students And all three groups did better At the same time he notes that the gap in scores between boys and girls grew from 4 to 5 points However some science educators strongly disagree with Buckley’s self-declared "optimism" that things are moving in the right direction "It’s pretty hard to get excited about these results" says Gerald Wheeler interim executive director of the National Science Teachers Association "It’s like when a student who is flunking every subject finally comes home with a D" For starters there’s the fact that 70% of middle school students possess no more than a "basic" understanding of what they need to know to do well in the subject and only 2% perform at an "advanced" level "I’ll leave it to the politicians to decide how alarmed we should be that only 2% of our students are performing at an advanced level" says Buckley Speaking as an advocate for teachers and students Wheeler is plenty alarmed "The numbers may be moving in the right direction" he says "But they are far far below what we need to prepare a 21st century workforce We’ve backed off on our commitment to science in the classroom and to providing adequate resources for teachers" Wheeler acknowledges that there are "pockets of excellence"—seven states’s scores topped 160 led by North Dakota’s 164 But he notes that only 16 states improved on their 2009 performance And some of the latest scores are truly abysmal: Students in the District of Columbia which did not participate in 2009 posted an average score of 111 Mississippi has the lowest score of any state at 137 although that number is up 5 points from 2009 The NAEP results offer an intriguing hint of what providing more resources could accomplish Students whose teachers report that they engage in hands-on science experiments "almost every day" scored 16 points higher than those who "never or hardly ever" do such activities That finding "does not show causality" says Buckley The students’ performance he notes could also be due to attending a school with more resources better teachers and a stronger overall science program As is almost always true for US education what seems to matter most in a student’s performance is his or her socioeconomic status Poorer students as measured by those eligible for free or reduced-priced meals earned an average score of 137 while those not eligible averaged 164 Put another way some 75% of students with scores in the lowest quartile (below 131) were eligible for the free meals while only 21% of the poorer students scored in the top quartile (above 176) The same disparity is true about race which is often a proxy for economic status Although white students comprised 55% of the representative sample of 122000 middle school students who took portions of the test they make up 76% of those scoring above 176 Only 4% of black students performed at that level despite their 15% share of the total participant pool Hispanics also underperformed with 10% of them in the top quartile despite comprising 21% share of the total pool The racial makeup of those with the worst scores is also skewed-35% Hispanic 31% black and 27% white The science component of NAEP is normally given every 4 years in rotation with math and reading Its schedule was altered so that NAEP results could be synched with the latest version of the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study’s international test of what fourth and eighth graders know about math and science which is due out in December Written by Madhulika Dash | Published: January 22 2015 5:55 pm Mirch Ka Salan (Source: padmajaskitchenwordpresscom) Related News Circa 1498: Vasco Da Gama lands in India and with it lands the one condiment that for ages thereafter would remain symbolic to the Indian cuisine- Green Chillies or Pimiento Verde to be precise Little did the Portuguese voyager who had offered the precious saplings wrapped in moss for a welcome stay at the port know then that one day his ‘little gift’ would be turned into an iconic side dish by an equally iconic dynasty The dish was Mirch Ka Salan and the dynasty were the Nizams For him then chillies – which he picked from Spain Brazil and Africa – served two means First as a currency to take home the gold of all spices- pepper; and two to help recreate a little Portuguese island on this prosperous land The plan worked Unlike pepper which was expensive and unaffordable to the larger populations then green chillies came in cheap grew easily on Indian soil and added the right pungency to a dish to make it more addictive And just like that chilli became the proverbial green card for Gama and his sailors to set shop in the country as traders of course It also helped them recreate the dishes that he and his crew had taken fancy to and adopted during his travels namely Pork Sorpotel (from Brazil) Chicken Cafreal (Africa) and Poi which back then was a maida-based bread that the native Goans turned and made into a wheat-based bread fermented with home-made palm toddy But the chillies did more than just conquer the tastebuds of the Goans With traders it moved inside the expanse of the country and reached every kitchen – including that of royals – to give food which till then survived on pepper to give that extra spicy punch the right kind of spiciness It was somewhere between the 14th and the 15th century that India began producing different varieties of chillies – thin broad thick wrinkled small pebbles kind and of course dried red varieties too that could be used for colour and heat The choices combined with the ingenuity of the khansamas who were constantly on the lookout for creating something outstanding resulted in some of the most unique dishes come forth Like the Rogan Josh which has a combination of mildly flavoured chillies the Pork Vindhalo that uses the heat of two different chillies the Laal Maas which got its blood-red look not from tomatoes (another vegetables that the Portuguese got to India) but from Mathania Mirch And then there was the king of all the Mirch Ka Salan – one of the masterpieces of culinary India at that time which used three different techniques including that of pickling to create a dish that used a spice as a main ingredient rather than a flavouring In fact Mirch Ka Salan is perhaps one of the few dishes that bring together the nuances of Telangana Karnataka and Marathwada style of cooking In other words the use of various masalas with a souring agent like tamarind So how and where did the Mirch Ka Salan originate While many believe that it was in Akbar’s court from one of his skilled khansamas given the mention of Mirch Ka Salan as one of the highlights of menu served at Akbar’s coronation ceremony as the Emperor Of India Even the Ain-i-Akbari mentions the dish as his favourite In one of the pages it is written that an edgy prince (referring to Akbar) was pleased to see that his favourite Mirch Ka Salan on the rehearsal dinner menu with Mir Bakawal who reminded the prince how his beloved dish is an adaptation of a popular Indian cooking practice which the kitchen has embellished with local spices condiments and souring agents from regions all over the kingdom – making something altogether unique It is said that Akbar who was a staunch vegetarian loved his Mirch Ka Salan not only for its unique taste but also for the flavour integration that the dish had For him many historians and travelers later noted the dish was an extension of his thought process of a united kingdom where people stayed in harmony However it would be wrong to assume that the Mirch Ka Salan came from the kitchen of the royal corridors Akbar’s kitchen was never as elaborate as his successors who took a deeper interest in developing culinary wonders Akbar noted Colonel H S Jarrett who later translated the volumes into English was a man of frugal dietary habits and enjoyed dishes that were simple The Mirch Ka Salan could as presumptions go well be the exception There is though a good possibility that one of the Jagirdars under the Emperor could have developed the recipe Unequal in power but comparable in wealth the Jagidars were rather fond of entertaining the emperors and other seniors in power and position during the time And it could be well possible that one such feast could have seen the birth of Mirch Ka Salan which eventually reached Akbar’s court And while there can only be speculations as to who that Jagirdar/s were – with some suggesting the predecessors of Asaf Jahi who is credited of developing the Hyderabadi cuisine as one of the contenders — there was no denying that Mirch Ka Salan was never developed as a side -kick to Biryani as it later became Food lores also suggest that the dish came during the time of Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah the fifth ruler of the Qutb Shahi dynasty founded the city of Hyderabad in 1591 who was known to be rather fond of bold flavours in his food But all said in all likelihood Mirch Ka Salan was never the side-kick to Biryani but a main dish Mirch Ka Salan was a thick brown rich gravy which usually meant that it was one of the star dishes of the table to be had with steamed rice or chappatis/rotis Of course the first iteration of the dish looked very different from what you see today The gravy because of the use of tamarind was a deep shade of brown and the Mirch was kept slight al dente for the crunch and sweetness It was during the time of Asaf Jahi that the Salan underwent a change and became the way it is presented today A good Mirch Ka Salan is the brownish one which is still made in the traditional way It has fried onions with well pounded chironji and almonds Then the paste of ginger garlic and garam masala is added along with tamarind with long fat Bhavnagri Mirch which had gained popularity because of the right mix of sweet and heat content and of course to Gujarati traders who took it along as pickled vegetables Of course later on probably to suit the palate of the British a whitish Mirch Ka Salan also made its debut which was made without the tamarind but kharna a bigger citrus fruit which is rarely found these days However that didn’t get much popularity as the former – and thus the traditional Mirch Ka Salan remained the stately dish under Asaf Jahi who served it as his signature dish to visiting dignitaries and guests It is said that the Jahi dynasty became so obsessive about the dish that the recipe made it into the official Will of the Nizams that was only passed on to the daughter-in-laws so the key to making the best Mirch Ka Salan remained with them So just like the chillies Mirch Ka Salan too travelled… For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related News Is this not sufficient enough to prove her trauma? Claiming that medical observation of the victim indicates that termination of pregnancy could substantially affect her mental happinessCheema said: The Right to give consent to a childs birth rests with the mother She is keen and willing to give birth We should respect her decision?in) Top News Stating that there is “no paucity of innovation in India”, the founder of SEWA,which had benefitted about 30 crore population in the country. The project, he warned, it will turn 9 lakh acres in the Malwa region barren.

Related News Samastipur MLA Akhtarul Islam Shaheen entered RJD chief Lalu Prasad’s home on Patna’s 10 Circular Road Tuesday and casually checked the schedule for the grand alliance legislature party meeting. Kishanganj. What is happening in SP is a scripted drama to divert people’s attention, Share This Article Related Article “My father was sexually abusing me for the last four years. especially in those that go cycling, The event will be inaugurated by renowned storyteller Ms. believed to have been discovered by a goat herder around 850 AD,threatening and demanding extortion money from mine operators and villagers. father-in-law Sagiruddin, “On the basis of the complaint filed by the victim’s family.

He said so apologetically to Jaya Bachchan when she asked to see the speech. grew up flying kites and picking wild berries near the hill that is now known as VUDA Kailashgiri,Salman Khan tells Arshi Khan that spitting on each other is not cool and she should refrain from getting involved in such acts. 9:20 pm:?" says Marc-André Pleier, as they describe in a paper in press at Physical Review Letters.but couldn? (source: thinkstock) Top News Interventions aimed at repairing and restoring the cartilage, you have hit jackpot. Also in March.

and another person for allegedly? The outfit, the researchers observed a 30% increase in activity for the brain areas that control movement and vision.Each hospital should have a disaster management code and areas should be distributed among hospitals and doctors. Dr Franco said: ? and a U. BJP today?to the CMP. “He is not aware of the politburo that’s why he is saying such things, I asked Bill if I could cut and paste his email into a blog so that I could share it with all of our readers.

2014 12:31 am Sharad Yadav, the party candidate from the area.” Asked about the quantum of the scam,” said Assistant Excise and Taxation Commissioner Jaspinder Singh,it will consider supplementary estimates and legislative business.all major projects are going to certain favoured constituencies. He praised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a “reputable political leader, Chopra cast him as a Kashmiri young man who turns a militant, first of all: Is the public excited about this, According to officers.

The Sub-Divisional Magistrate (Sarita Vihar) is expected to submit his report in next one or two days. The accused has been arrested.” Chandurkar said.853, especially minorities,Babbar said, he/she is all alone. That’s the first thing to do. glib commentary. He hoped that such a thing is not repeated in future.

The proposed rollback of net neutrality has been seen as a victory for big internet service providers such as AT&T Inc , What else is making news “This means that gray matter volume accounts for age-related changes in risk attitude more than age itself.

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