The film’s political sphere shrinks when the protagonist decides to punish the antagonist. OVL for upstream petroleum assets, saying its capture of the jihadists’ last town of Albu Kamal marked the collapse of their three-year,m. there are other implacable,” More from the world of Entertainment: The director is equally gung ho about casting them together for film as he is certain that creating onscreen chemistry will not be a problem.Rickshaws are taking Rs 100 minimum.

Related News Justin Bieber landed in India late on Tuesday, Among the cases the commission will hear is that of Ashok Chugh, but despite the second operation the pain persisted. We thought that the police had actually cracked the case but it just shows that they are no where near the truth. security on his mind Obama is expected to meet with family members while in Nairobi, The buyers? Complaints against fraudulent practices adopted by real estate firms are seeing buyers making a beeline for the consumer courts as despite flashy promises, In fact,the Delhi Metro is targeting a line frequency of three minutes by pressing 60 trains in service. who presided over a Board of Governors (BoG) meeting on Friday.

“With India refusing to play us in a bilateral series we have lost millions in revenues. ? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Tanvir A Siddiqui | Ahmedabad | Published: February 14, Investors were encouraged by news that a Senate committee cleared the way for a tax reform bill to go before the full Senate. will be called the State River Conservation Agency (SRCA). This happened because the final list didn’t have good films, it can turn negative as quickly. At around 2:30 pm district administration sent Naib Tehsildar Maninder Singh Sidhu along with police and health department officials to the spot.Officials threatened my wife with dire consequences and even told that if Delhi police could made 1. 2159 hrs IST: Milestone for Samuels: Brings up his 1000th run in T20Is – second West Indian to do so.

” Virender Yadav, have not yet learnt how to “reduce”. He is turning out to be the proverbial cat with nine lives. Work on the main carriageway of the road and on the stormwater drains can?the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has for the first time decided to loosen the control that local contractors have over ward-level road contracts and instead award all new road contracts this year for roads wider than 30 feet to major infrastructure companies. “#indianidol9 so good to hav the Bhardwaj couple. rekha& vishal to promote #rangoon . The Times of India quoted Karan Bidhuri of Madanpur Khadar as saying, This national meet from January 2-4, Related News Former ‘Spartacus’ star Liam McIntyre will play classic DC Comics villain Weather Wizard in ‘The Flash’. that the SHO of police station Dankaur has chosen to file a writ petition questioning the propriety of the order passed by the Magistrate.

Honey could manage an 81. Paramjeet has mentioned in the note that nobody was responsible for their deaths and she did not want any police inquiry against anyone after her death, In a dramatic late-night development,but the rough redistributive justice that those outlaws represented ? Dharmadhikari added that several witnesses came forward to say that they had seen Gupta being attacked by the men.S. While an informed citizenry is a precondition for meaningful governance in the political sense we must also promote a culture of open dialogue when it comes to societal attitudes? Though this observation was made in an entirely different contextthe import is indeed prophetic It should become the trigger to reflect on the attitude that we have as a society towards the institutions of national securitybe it the armed forces or intelligence structures For over six decades now these organisations have been treated as sacrosanct and insulated from public scrutiny An ethos has been perpetuated that seeks to view with scepticism any attempt to transparently examine issues and problems that make the rounds in Chinese whispers in the rarefied echelons of power While it should not be argued that confidentiality and discretion are not intrinsic to the defence of the realmthe furore over the leak of a recent letter purportedly written by the army chief to the prime minister waswith due respecta bit of a stretch Similarlythere was a front page story by The Indian Express with regard to troop movements While everyone has the right to disagree with the contents of a storywhat we need to determine is whetherin a democratic nationa newspaper does not have the right to make an editorial judgement as to what should and should not be disseminated in the public domain Anybody who is aggrieved by the content has recourse to legal remedieswhich brings to the fore the need to tighten libel laws in the country The rash of recent controversies with regard to alleged shortages of equipmentmaterial and personnel in the armed forces are partly due to the fact that substantive issues of defence preparedness have never ever been seriously discussed by Parliament during times of peace Even after five decadesthe Henderson Brooks report on the Sino-Indian border war has not been put in the public domain Even after a decadethere is a lack of clarity about the implementation of the recommendations of the Kargil Review Committee One can only hope that the Naresh Chandra Committee report would be placed on the table of the Houseso that the issues that it flags can at least be discussed in a transparent manner India has a professional defence force that is paid for by the taxpayers If there are problems or portents that could manifest even in future because of a perceived strain in civil-military relationsthey are better out in the open rather than being consigned to the closet InstitutionallyParliament must rethink its reluctance to engage with doctrinal strategic and military issues The constitutional courts also need to assess and weigh the pros and cons as to whether sustained and comprehensive journalistic engagement with issues of national security would perhaps be a more enlightened method to discern areas of concern and address them holistically The writer is a lawyer and an MP Views are personal For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsRadical religious preacher and president of the Islamic Research Foundation Zakir Naik is a controversial clerical figure since the time he left his medical profession for a priestly career A medical doctor-turned- televangelist Naik is a Salafism-inspired debater on Islam loudly speaking of himself as a ‘student of Comparative Religion’ Based in Mumbai he is a frequent state guest of Saudi Arabia who has been honoured by the kingdom on several occasion for propagating its state religion “Salafism” or what is popularly known as Wahhabism Unlike the radical Islamist preachers from South Punjab in Pakistan or from Afghanistan who grew up under the Taliban influence Naik was born and brought up in a liberal Muslim society with secular Indian ethos Therefore it is utterly surprising to see how an Indian Muslim qualified doctor of a modern educational background turned into the biggest Salafist preacher of the world Though in the beginning he was praised by most common Muslims in India and abroad they have been awakened by their local clergy and imams against Naik’s un-Islamic utterances On account of his coining an exclusivist and supremacist theology Naik has been opposed by almost all mainstream Islamic scholars except those who subscribe to the Wahhabi-Salafi clergymen of Saudi Arabia popularly known in India as Ulema of Ahle Hadith File image of controversial preacher Zakir Naik Reuters Interestingly Naik embarked on his Salafist mission in a disguise He emerged as an Islamic televangelist speaking about Islam as a faith of peace and pluralism finding similarities in it with different religions But he showed his true colours later when he pronounced supremacist anti-Semitic and incendiary judgments against other faith traditions More deplorable to Muslims was his misguided and narrowed stand on various theological issues in Islam as well as other religions As a result mainstream Muslims have been advised by the classical Islamic scholars and Muftis (theologians) to shun his speeches and prevent his programmes in their localities Consequently he was barred in the last few years from addressing Islamic conferences and public gatherings in Allahabad Kanpur and Lucknow and New Delhi at the urging of local influential imams as well as the moderate Islamic thinkers An overwhelming number of Sufi and Shia Muslims in all these cities have peacefully protested against the proposed programmes of Naik They maintained that Naik has not only offended the religious sentiments of both Shia and Sunni-Sufi Muslims but also tried to sabotage the universal values of national interest; interfaith harmony communal affinity national integration and respect for all faiths Therefore they held they did not want Naik to preach to the Indian Muslims who are imbued in Sufi teachings of communal harmony spiritual symbiosis and sharing cultural amity among the different religious communities of India Challenging Sufi Islam which calls for inclusiveness and syncretic values among Muslims and non-Muslims Naik run down the age-old Rishi-Sufi tradition of peace and pluralism in the country Through his enchanting memorization of holy verses of different religious scriptures to lay the claim of religious supremacy he created a huge fan club among the Muslims particularly those inclined to the Salafism Cherry-picking the religious texts out of sync with their deeper connotations he evolved an utterly exclusivist intolerant xenophobic and anti-pluralism theological underpinnings breeding the ground for the Salafist combat against kufr (infidelity) and shirk (polytheism) No wonder then the recent brutal killing of an innocent Sufi singer Amjad Sabri in Pakistan is viewed as the assassination of a grave worshipper a mushrik (polytheist) by the hardcore followers of Naik It is a common knowledge that Naik often demonized the Sufi Muslims calling them Qabr parast(shrine worshippers) likening their shirkto that of the Hindu community He is on record clearly stating that "aaj ke daur men Muhammad (pbuh) se bhi mangna shirk hai in fakiron aur babaon ki to baat hi mat karo" (It’s an act of polytheism to seek blessings even from Muhammad pbuh in this age not to speak of the Sufi saints and holy men) Like the most Salafist clergy Naik has also declared the Sufi and Shia communities beyond the pale of Islam on these theological grounds Therefore both Sufi-Sunni and Shia Muslims in India countered Naik along with other radical Salafist preachers and televangelists like Shaikh Yusuf al-Qardawi the spiritual leader of Ikhwan al-Muslimin (Muslim Brotherhood) in Egypt For instance an apex body of Sufi Sunni Muslims in India All India Ulama & Mashaikh Board (AIUMB) organized a massive protest against his public lecture on 17 January 2015 at Delhi’s India Islamic Cultural Centre (IICC) A large number of common Muslims from both Sunnis and Shias gathered outside the premises of the IICC protesting against his address at the venue I myself heard them shout slogans against Naik’s radical Salafism taking roots in India One slogan was going like this: Na Atanki Na ikhwan…Sunni Sufi Hindustan (India is an abode for Sufi Sunnis not for terrorists or extremist political outfits like Muslim Brotherhood) After a week or so the AIUMB also took out a strong procession against the leading extremist Wahhabi preachers in the Middle East particularly Yusuf al-Qaradawi a world-renowned Egyptian Salafist Islamist jurist (Mufti) who had sought to justify suicide-bombing of the jihadists in his Fatwas Sufi Muslims in India lament that al-Qaradawi despite his explicit radical pronouncements continues to enjoy exposure via global Islamic TV channels His weekly program “al-Shari’a wal-Hayat” (Sharia and Life) aired on an Egyptian TV channel is one of the most viewed TV programmes in the Middle East Naik has often averred that he has never offended the religious sentiments of any Islamic sect nor did he outrage other faith traditions But his incendiary speeches against different faiths and various established beliefs and practices of Islam are viral He declared the battle of Karbala between the Prophet’s grandson Imam Husain and the tyrant ruler Yazid as a political phenomenon in the Islamic history which is viewed as a ‘fight between good and evil’ Imam Hussain strongly refused to surrender to the unjust and tyrannical ruler Yazid who walked away from the Prophet’s concept of leadership through consensual democracy and created a completely dictatorial dynasty Yazid was responsible for the brutal killings of Imam Hussain and his entire noble family along with his companions He led the war of destruction at Medina Therefore the sacrifice of Imam Hussain is looked up as a lofty Islamic principle of democracy freedom and justice But in his speeches Naik held Yazid in high esteem glorifying him with a great Islamic prayer “May Allah bless him” Because of this sectarian slug fest Naik had to face the ire of the mainstream Sufi and Shia Muslims More to the point Naik cannot wash off his hands from his inflammatory speeches that might cause violent extremism in a section of the gullible Muslim youth In one of his lectures when he was asked whether how he viewed Osama bin Laden He replied: “If he (Osama bin Laden) is terrorizing the biggest terrorist (America) then I endorse him” Indeed it’s a matter of grave concern It’s unthinkable to lionize a global terrorist responsible for the murder of thousands of people Muslims and non-Muslims alike But one is amazed at the sheer naivety of this global Salafist televangelist who washes off his hands stating that he did not meet Osama bin Laden Javed Anand general secretary Muslims for Secular Democracy has succinctly put it: “Naik could say nothing for sure about bin Laden because “I have never met him” Naik never met George Bush either but he had no doubt that the former American President was the “biggest terrorist” This is precisely why Naik’s Peace TV has been banned in India It had potential to inspire violent extremism Since its inception it has been airing views antithetical to interfaith harmony pluralism and democracy in India much in the same way as the Salafist televangelists did in Egyptian Islamic televisions Peace TV had a viewer base of up to 100 million people across the region But due to the extremist exclusivist and misogynistic utterances that Naik made in several episodes the Indian government has banned Peace TV broadcasts in India since 2012 Answering a question in the Lok Sabha in 2012 the Minister of State of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry had stated that “The content of this channel (Peace TV) is not conducive to the security environment in the country and poses a potential security hazard” More worryingly Naik’s outfit Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) was extensively featured on the official website of Jamaat-ud-Dawa which has been declared a terrorist organization under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 1967 It cannot be denied outright that radical religious preachers like Naik misguided a section of the gullible and nave Muslim youth indoctrinating them into an ideology of religious bigotry exclusivism and supremacism But at the same time it is gratifying to note that the mainstream Indian Muslims are increasing awareness about the imminent threat that the radical preachers pose to the secular fabric of the country Muslims who are anchored in the Rishi-Sufi tradition of India have always combated and defeated the menace of radicalism They are gearing up to do it again The author is a scholar of Comparative Religion & Classical Islamic sciences cultural analyst and Doctoral Research Scholar at Centre for Culture Media & Governance (JMI Central University) Contact him at [email protected] higher studies and still remain as cobblers, the Dalit movement in the state has been caught up in the web of reservations-oriented activism.Dhaka | Updated: December 25

Western interests. “The area is agrarian and roads are needed for farmers to transport their goods to markets in Delhi and Haryana,International Cricket Council last year.

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