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"But.strategies for the United States to fully enter the Syrian civil war would most likely draw the United States into an unwinnable quagmire and unsustainable nation-building project" THE CURRENT CAMPAIGN A US war planner from Central Command expressed confidence in the seven-month old wars course during a Feb 19 background Pentagon briefing "Our mission has not changed in terms of the degradation dismantle and eventual defeat of ISIL" he said "It remains true to form And it is generally unfolding as we had planned" But he stressed as the Pentagon has repeatedly that the fighting will likely continue well on into the future with no termination date yet penciled in "This is going to take time" he said "The degrade phase alone we knew would be a long period of time" Dempsey estimated Feb 19 that it would take up to three years for Iraq to regain its territorial integrity (he didnt offer a timetable for Syria) "But I think the issues will be generational20 30 yearsbecause there is an internal conflict within Islam and within the Arab world between moderates and radicals that just isnt going to end because they stop fighting" he added The US strategy is plain: halt ISISs advance by pounding it from the air until local ground forces with some US help are ready to attack and retake the land andmost criticallythe cities under its control The initial goal is to push ISIS out of Iraq and then go after them inside Syria The US and its allies have dropped more than 8200 bombs and missiles in close to 2500 air strikes on ISIS targets roughly split between Iraq and Syria The weapons range from 20-pound warheads atop Hellfire missiles fired from Predator and Reaper drones to 2000-pound GPS and laser-guided behemoths dropped from B-1 bombers and other warplanes The US and its allies attack ISIS targets wherever theyre found Pentagon officials say But there werent that many to begin with and many have been destroyed ISIS fighters hide amid civilians in towns which reduces the chances theyll be attacked "Militarily ISIL is in decline" the Central Command briefer said The constant bombardment has curbed ISISs plans to expand and its options "He’s in the land of `ors versus `ands now" The US-led air strikes and the Iraqi and Kurdish ground forces have penned in ISIS "This is an enemy that we still assess to be in a defensive posture" Rear Admiral John Kirby the Pentagon spokesman said Feb 13 While ISIS boasts of its expanding caliphate it only represents moves "into more ungoverned spaces in Syria" he added "The way you govern is you’ve got to have people to govern So the population areas are the most important areas that we’re focused on" A key challenge will be beefing up the now-disappeared Iraq-Syrian border to keep ISIS out of Iraq once it is pushed back into Syria Even now the Central Command briefer said "the safe havens that he has in Syria and his ability to migrate back and forth still gives him that micro-offensive capability" shown by the recent attack on the western Iraqi town of Baghdadi Through Feb 4 allied air strikes had damaged or destroyed 4817 ISIS targets ranging from tanks (62) to Humvees (257) to "fighting positions" (752) basically fancy foxholes The strikes also focused on decapitating ISISs command hitting 26 "leadership buildings" and 102 "HQ buildings" The list isnt the kind of "target-rich environment" the US Air Force likes There are few strategic targets listednearly two-thirds are troops foxholes and the vehicles used to get the troops to those foxholes "Those are things that ISIL no longer has" Kirby told reporters "They’re gone They’re destroyed They can’t use them anymore And this is an enemy that has a limited ability to reconstitute strength at least material strength" But the notion of ISIS is a hierarchical organization misses a key point Even as it is under daily attack it has evolved into "a decentralized diffused aspirational social movement that follows few orders and few chains of command" Dafna Rand who served on Obamas National Security Council staff told the House Foreign Affairs Committee Feb 12 Syria remains the big issue just as Pakistan remained a key drag on the US effort in Afghanistan because it offered sanctuary to Taliban militants fighting US troops just across the border "What we’ve learned from Vietnam forward is you cannot defeat an insurgent group if it has a refuge in a neighboring country" James Jeffrey who served as the US ambassador to Iraq from 2010 to 2012 told the House Foreign Affairs Committee Feb 12 "You have to do something about Syria and you can’t do anything about Syria without having a better policy towards Assad" Training sites for the Syrian rebels are being established in Jordan Qatar Saudi Arabia and Turkey Iraqi Sunnis also are being trained in Anbar province "It may not be as fast as some would like but the inclusion of the Sunni tribes the inclusion of the Sunnis writ large is an absolute critical component to this all working" the Central Command briefer said Feb 19 "And the leadership in Iraq is moving in the right direction to accommodate that" Military force cant defeat ISIS by itself "US military action must be tied to a civil-military strategy that offers the best possible hope of producing a stable and friendly nation as its ultimate outcome" Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies wrote Feb 13 "No amount of tactical victories in the field and no amount of US military force that merely defeats the immediate enemy threat will create that stability" THE NARCISSISTIC VIEW OF WAR Americans are skeptical of another military mission in Iraq following the years and US lives expended in Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11 But one of the Armys pre-eminent thinkers urges his countrymen not to take the wrong lessons from those campaigns "The lesson is not that these kinds of missions are impossible" Army Lieut General HR McMaster told Time Feb 19 "One of the key lessons is we made it just about as hard on ourselves as we could have by not acknowledging the need to consolidate gains in either Afghanistan or Iraq" McMaster an incumbent member of the Time 100 says inadequate pre-war planning doomed the effort to preserve the "fragile victory" that the US had achieved in Iraq He expresses concern that despite the videos Americans arent paying enough attention to the foe "I wish we could get the American people more interested in who were fighting" he says with a touch of exasperation "When you hear statements like `Americans are weary of the effort and so forth sometimes we don’t spend enough time talking about the nature of our enemies" The Germans hid their death camps during World War II But thats not the case with ISIS who uses video to recruit and instill fear in prospective enemies "ISILs brutality is so apparent now because theyre promoting themselves" McMaster says "Its not our reporting that got the American people to say `Damn its really worth fighting these guysits their own propaganda" Part of the problem McMaster says is that the US public views war through too narrow a lens "We don’t even focus on our enemies; we talk in terms that sometimes could be criticized as narcissistic" he says "We define these conflicts in relation to us rather than pay due attention to the nature of our enemies whats at stake and why its worth the effort" RETAKING MOSUL The first real test for the US and its allies will be the fight to retake Mosul which ISIS seized from the Iraq army last June The Pentagon is "still shooting for" an April-May launch of the battle to retake the countrys second-largest city But thats optimistic and "we have not closed the door on continuing to slide that to the right"into the futurethe Central Command official said Feb 19 Iraqi forces have conducted 20 smaller ground offensives in recent months and most of them have been "very successful" the Central Command official said Small numbers of US troopsdozens to hundredscould actually accompany Iraqi forces on that mission to call in air strikes gather intelligence and advise the Iraqi forces That decision assuming a late-spring offensive is only weeks away "I would not rule out using American ground troops to take territory if that’s necessary to defeat ISIS" Jeffrey said But he would rule out a "long-term American presence on the ground as we saw in Iraq in Afghanistan in Vietnam It does not work" Obama "is clearly very nervous about the use of military force particularly ground forces without a lot of allies without a lot of legal backing without the support of you and everybody else" Jeffrey said at that Feb 12 hearing ". But that remains a minority view in and around the Pentagon.

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