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Anxious people like DeParle and Zients are indispensable in business and government, he was known as a superstar manager. from the book, mayonnaise sandwich, Are you in the wrong party’s debate?C. cares about them You are like me We will get American workers on the side of the Republican party and we cannot be stopped if we do JOHN: Senator Santorum thank you Governor Jindal [APPLAUSE] JINDAL: Our message is to conservatives This is our hour Thanks to the insanity the incompetence of the Democratic Party the American people are ready to turn our government over to us It’s not enough to elect just any Republican however The reality is the idea of America is slipping away As Christians we believe that the tomb is empty As Americans we believe that our best days are always ahead of us and they can be again We must win this election We cannot allow Hillary Clinton to take us down this path towards socialism further down this path I’ve got the courage to apply our conservative principles I can’t do it alone With your help with God’s grace we can save the idea of America before it’s too late JOHN: Governor Jindal thank you very much CARL: That concludes our first part of the evening We’re going to get set up for our next round In the meantime CNBC’s Kelly Evans and Joe Kernen pick up our continuing coverage [APPLAUSE] Read More: How to Watch Tonights Republican Debate Online Contact us at [email protected] the past week Indonesian President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has been busy not only staring down the terrorists who brought bloodshed to the streets the capital Jakarta but also trying to save the world Or at least that is the suggestion of a pair of photos in the pages of Indonesias Kompas daily on Tuesday showing Jokowis top envoy visiting the Middle Easts sparring rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia One image shows Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi in a hijab unusual for her meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Tehran on Jan 13 to deliver a letter from Jokowi In the second picture taken five days later Retno again opting to cover her short hair with a scarf sat down with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud in Riyadh also to deliver a written message from the Indonesian leader "In the letter President Jokowi emphasizes the importance of stability and peace in the region the importance of a good relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran as well as Indonesias willingness to help mend the ties between the two countries" the Indonesian Foreign Ministry said in a statement Tuesday They may sound like diplomatic niceties but in fact an attempt by Indonesia home to the worlds largest Muslim population to mediate the conflict "is a step that many people have been waiting for" says Burhanuddin Muhtadi political observer and executive director of Indikator Politik Indonesia And the Indonesian leader has every incentive "Jokowi also needs to boost his Islamic credentials at home and internationally" Burhanuddin says On Jan 5 Muslim clerics from the influential Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) met with Jokowi to urge the government to help cool Middle Eastern tensions "Indonesia as a Muslim-majority country has a strategic position to mediate the conflict" MUI chairman Maruf Amin told reporters On the same day Indonesian Religious Affairs Minister Lukman Saifuddin after meeting with the President said the country planned to organize an international conference to bring the two sides together This would not be the first time Indonesia has attempted to broker peace talks in the Middle East Last year the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) asked Indonesia to mediate a discussion on the Yemen conflict seen as a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia during the Asia-Africa Conference in Bandung Foreign Minister Retno said she had talked with both the OIC and the EU to secure cooperation in dealing with the region’s latest flashpoint When Saudi-Iranian hostility hit new highs following the execution of a dissident Saudi Shiite cleric in early January attacks on Saudi Arabias diplomatic missions by Iranian protesters and the severed diplomatic ties between the two countries countries like Russia and Pakistan offered help to mediate between Tehran and Riyadh Earlier this week Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif even led a delegation to Saudi Arabia and Iran However Russia (and Iran) support the Assad regime in the Syrian conflict while Pakistan is in an awkward position caught between its close ally Saudi Arabia and geographical neighbor Iran In contrast Indonesia has always been careful to maintain its neutrality In mid-December Saudi Arabia announced a 34-country "Islamic military alliance" to fight terrorism It also mentioned Indonesia as one of the 10 additional "Islamic countries" that had expressed support for the coalition But Retno quickly rebutted the Saudi claim saying Jakarta never gave any support Evan A Laksmana researcher at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Jakarta is skeptical about Indonesia’s diplomatic efforts "Our investment in Mideast politics and diplomacy is not strong continuous and coherent Without these assets what leverage can we use to push the Saudi-Iran talks" he says "Neutrality gets you in the door leverage gets you results when you sit on the table" But the decades-old regional conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran has spilled beyond the Middle East and has even emerged in Indonesia While Indonesias Muslims are largely Sunni the country also has a small Shiite population However the Syrian war in which Iran backs the Assad regime (the ruling family belongs to the Shiite Alawite sect) and Saudi Arabias austere Wahhabi brand of Sunni Islam inspires the jihadists has intensified the sentiment against and persecution of the Indonesian Shiites by the Sunni hard-liners This domestic problem could pose a challenge "If you can’t get your own house in order how can you be a messenger preaching how to best manage a house" says Laksmana "This is where the phrase foreign policy begins at home comes from" Contact us at [email protected] such as error correction.