first_imgRMC is one of the leading clinical research centers in the Middle East and we are very pleased to meet their needs for high speed and accuracy. There is growing worldwide interest in adaptive therapy, and RayStation’s capabilities help make it clinical viable on a large scale.” Time is an important factor for a busy clinic such as Davidoff Cancer Center. RayStation is faster than any other system in computing dose with IMRT plans, and its algorithms provide more accurate determination of dose for homogeneities than our current system. RayStation allows the summation of previous treatments with current ones to provide a good representation of dose accumulation and constraints for organs at risk, which is something we are not currently able to do. It also has the most fluent workflow for adaptive radiotherapy; we treat more than 200 patients per day, and it’s important for us to ensure high standards of treatment while allowing adaptation of personalized plans in minimum time.” Johan Löf, CEO of RaySearch, says: Jul 3 2018Rabin Medical Center (RMC) has selected RayStation for radiation therapy treatment planning at its Davidoff Cancer Center, located in Petah Tikva, Israel. This is the first order from a clinic in Israel, and the installation will include licenses for 3DCRT, IMRT, VMAT and adaptive therapy.Following an evaluation of the leading systems, RMC chose RayStation due to factors such as its fast and accurate dose calculation and outstanding adaptive therapy capabilities. The purchase was funded by a donation from a patient, Ms. Desiree Dagmi, who was treated by Professor Eyal Fenig at RMC. Ms. Dagmi wanted to show her gratitude through a contribution that would help the center provide an even better service to patients.Related StoriesAVO and RaySearch enter into collaboration agreement to support the LIGHT systemUIH and RaySearch enter into new partnershipRaySearch introduces a new version of groundbreaking oncology information systemServing as a national center of excellence in cancer care prevention and research, RMC’s Davidoff Center is the most sophisticated and innovative facility in the Middle East for the treatment of malignant diseases, delivering comprehensive medical treatment to some 20 percent of the country’s oncology patients. The patient-friendly center integrates all of RMC’s inpatient and outpatient oncology services.Amineh Khatib Hamad, Medical Physicist at RMC, says: Source:

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