first_imgThe guy in the picture is Austin Shuffield, he viciously assaulted this young lady while also brandishing a gun!! #womanbeater— Addie Bishop (@bishop_addie) March 22, 2019 Share this article A Parking Lot AltercationAccording to the arrest warrant cited by WFAA, police were called at about 4:26 a.m. Wednesday to a disturbance, where they encountered a 24-year-old woman who said she had been assaulted.Lee told WFAA she had been out in Deep Ellum with friends when she made the mistake of driving the wrong way down a street and blocking a parking lot exit.“I knew I was on a one-way street but I was stopping literally at the corner to let my friend out,” she told the news outlet, adding that she was dropping off friends at a hostel.The woman told the police that a man, alleged to be Shuffield, confronted her about blocking the parking lot exit, according to an arrest warrant seen by CBS DFW.After she moved her vehicle into the lot, she said the same man approached her car and tried to get a picture of her license plate, the arrest warrant said. She told police she warned the man “to get back or else she would mace him.”The video shows the man pull out a gun during the confrontation, though he never points it at the woman nor visibly threatens her with it.“I got scared, I was like ‘you have a gun?’ The first thing I thought to do was call the police,” she told WFAA.The arrest warrant states that Lee told the police that when she went to call 911, the man slapped the phone out of her hand and kicked it away from her.The video footage then shows the woman slap the man in the face. At this point, the man can be seen in the video slugging Lee five times in the area of the head and torso.“He charged at me, and he just kept hitting me, and I was like ‘ok, ok, ok’,” Lee said.A voice in the video can be heard saying “You’re in deep trouble, bro.” Share Austin Shuffield has been arrested and charged with multiple offenses following an incident caught on camera in which a woman was punched multiple times in Deep Ellum, Tx., on March 21, 2019. (Dallas County Sheriff’s Department) Dallas Police have arrested a man suspected of punching a woman multiple times in a Deep Ellum parking lot in a brutal assault caught on camera.Austin Shuffield, a 30-year-old bartender, faces charges of aggravated assault causing bodily injury, interference with an emergency call, and public intoxication following the violent incident on Wednesday, March 20, according to WFAA.Footage of the altercation was recorded by witnesses and shows a man—who at one point pulls out a handgun—wind up and deliver five blows to a woman’s head area.“All I could do was try and protect myself,” said victim L’Daijohnique Lee, reported WFAA. 

”He literally sat there and beat me like a man.” Show Discussionlast_img

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