first_imgFFWPU Albania (by Marsida Sina) : With love we would like to inform you on the last activity in our city, the 2 day workshop organized last Friday and Saturday. This workshop was coordinated by the local community leader, Arjan Haziraj with the purpose to make a spiritual renewal of the actual members of Durres center and inheriting True Parents words. We thought how to energize our center, so this workshop was the best tool how to reach that. There were 20 members who attended, between them a blessed family with their son (4 months old).Some of members couldn’t attend fully the workshop, even though their desire was very big. In the first day, on Friday were presented the Divine Principle lectures in 6 sessions until the Second Coming. The second day continued with advanced lectures, also divided in 6 sessions, which covered the most essential issues of spiritual life of a member of FFWPU. The lectures were given by Mr. Gani Rroshi (National Leader), Admir and Dorina Prethi (blessed family living in Durres) and Arjan Haziraj (Community Leader) with a lot of dedication and they could share a lot of information, even though the time was very limited.At the end of this workshop there were appointments of new members. They received a membership certificates with 5 main points of life of faith of a true member. They were: Besmir Koçi; Ardit Kaca; Mustafa Llani; Lindita Baboçi; Elisabeta Nelaj; Irena Nelaj; Klodiana Tafa and Miranda Beshiri.It is important to express our gratitude to Eva Cufo for her sincere investment in Durres. She was appreciated by a certificate and at the end she could express some words of heart. At the end of this activity, our National Leader shared few words of encouragement.The spiritual atmosphere was growing and we hope this will keep them inspired for long time. Some of them expressed that they really needed this workshop to renew their faith. With love, Eva CufoI felt very good being present at this workshop. It helped me to understand things that will help me to grow more spiritually and to become one in heart with the love that God has for humanity, that I can love people as our Heavenly Parent does. I am very happy that I know more about the internal things, more than the external pleasures. I thank True Parents and Heavenly Parents, and also members of this center for the love and care they offered during these two days. Besmir Koçi In this workshop I could understand and learn a lot of things. There were moments where I felt very pessimistic and not capable to realize all my obligations, but after reflecting I could understand what I should do in reality and was giving conditions to myself, even though it was for the moment and I had to fight, but not just for myself but for the whole nation, tribe, ancestors and most important is to go closer to Heavenly Parents and True Parents. This workshop I think was truly precious for me and for all other participants because if you are attentive you can understand and to remind the reasons why you are here and what you need to do to restore yourself. Even though I felt little tired and sick, this workshop reached my expectations at the end of it. So, to go on, we need to refresh ourselves with the reasons why we are here and this kind of workshops will help a lot our members in this center. Thank you! ReflectionsGreetings! Thank you for inviting and welcoming me. It was a real pleasure to be part of this 2 day workshop. I felt very good, everything is different from other times. The lectures were in high level and I am happy for this because members need such information even though we know and heard this things before. I liked the lectures of this day and I was inspired. I wish and pray to God that this center can grow more and more to a level that Heavenly Parent and True Parents can feel proud for their children. I think that this is a good opportunity to start the mission of this year. Thank you! Klodjana TafaTo invest for Heavenly Parents and True Parents under the pressure of painful reality, far from God’s love, it is needed to invest a lot of dedication and continuous spiritual food. This workshop, seen also from the reflections of members, served as a very good spiritual food to strengthen the standard of their faith. Thanks to the support and sincere investment of all brothers and sisters in Durres, we believe that this workshop established a very good foundation for the coming year. From the good energy generated by this workshop as a good start, we will work more to organize again such activities. DURRËS, Albania 17- 18 Tetor 2014 Irena NelajI am starting my reflection with a prayer that all this intense information we got in these two days will serve not only me, but to all participants who attended this workshop. Now I will go on with my part. I am very happy that this workshop was organized after the summer vacations where members were split in their homes. This workshop could gather them together again. I was very happy that between members there was a blessed family with their son, Noa, which we really love a lot.last_img

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