first_imgFFWPU NER: On September 20 ~ 21, Secretary General of FFWPU International, Kim Man Ho, visited Ukraine. He spoke at the workshop for Korean CIG young missionaries whom True Mother dispatched to strategic and providential nations. CIG missionaries brought a new spirit and desire to do witnessing. In his words of guidance, Pres. Kim Man Ho called upon the missionaries to work diligently for the Providence. The Ukrainians expressed their desire to proceed with further developing CARP activity.During the lecture to CIG youth missionaries, Pres. Kim Man Ho, asked missionaries about their motivations to become missionaries.“When we are boiling water, it is very difficult to reach from 99 to 100 degrees; it needs a lot of energy. Many people reach 70, 80 or 90 degrees, someone – even 99. However, until now, no one could reach 100 degrees. Me too.”In the United States True Father prayed at 4:30 am, “So many people are shedding blood and sweat for me. If I will doubt that I am the Messiah, I will be the greatest sinner in the history.” Missionary life implies burying your bones in the mission country.Think about the tradition of Jeongseong that the True Parents established, and try to understand how much you need Jeongseong. Now the 2nd and 3rd generation should inherit this tradition and carry it on.In the course of your mission, you can get a lot of experience, meet the Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and grow spiritually. If you will continue with Jeongseong God will help you to become future leaders.Our relationship with God is a relationship of parent and child. Therefore, it is important not to just believe and follow our Father, but to clearly digest and practice his teaching. Pres. Kim Man Ho’s visit has greatly inspired us and enhanced our desire to successfully achieve the goal.Official opening of the Yellow Castle, the new Ukraine HeadquartersOpening ceremony of the new Ukraine headquarters “The Yellow Castle” took place on September 23, 2014. Regional President Rev. Jin Hwa Chung, representative of FFWPU International HQ, Mr. Sang An Kwon, Leaders from Russia and Belarus attended the ceremony, as well as more than 120 Ukrainian members.In Korea people say, “If the house is warm on a rainy day – that house will be full of happiness.” Since the opening of Hun Hwa Won, workshop place, in 2002, activity in Ukraine has greatly expanded. During the current year, in these difficult times, Hyong Jin Nim and Heung Jin Nim gave us strength.The Ukrainian UC members are doing the jeonsong condition: skip meals, prayers, bows etc. Today we offer all this to Heaven. The people that constructed the Yellow Castle together with our young members were very much inspired by their attitude. They said that Ukraine has hope with such good young people.The regional president said, “We are building the heavenly country CIG. If you are happy more than 50% – you are living in a heavenly kingdom. You should pray for all the nations of the world. True Mother said, we should witness to young people. So, let’s build CIG through witnessing to young people. True Mother also said, we should forgive, love, and unite. Start from myself. I should forgive myself, love myself, and unite my mind and body. Also, we should forgive ourselves, love our spouses and children, and achieve unity in our families.”Witnessing activity in UkraineOn September 8-14, 2014 we held a 7-day Divine Principle workshop in Kyiv. 3 new guests attended the workshop. Three more attended the workshop for the second time, 2 people joined the NWET – our one-year educational program. All participants were inspired and interested in studying the Divine Principle.On September 17-24, 2014 an educational program for six 2nd generation missionaries from Korea and Japan was held in Kyiv. They listened to lectures on witnessing and fundraising, as well as testimonies of our blessed families. They also participated in service projects dedicated to the International Day of Peace. “Kyiv Youth invites!”On September 27, 2014 UPF volunteers took part in the annual social project named “Kyiv Youth invites!”. The event was organized by the Kyiv City Center of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth, supported by the Department of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.It took place in the Mariinsky park in Kyiv. The event was attended by 4,000 residents and guests – families, students, young people, parents, representatives of educational institutions and NGOs.UPF volunteers took part in the quest for children from the Eastern part of Ukraine. Children had to visit 10 stations participating in social games and fulfilling certain tasks.On UPF station named “A way out exists” children had to solve situational tasks – find out the exit from difficult life situations in relationships. After that they inflated balloons with the title “Peace begins from me!” Project on International Day of PeaceOn September 17-24, 2014 UPF volunteers took part in the event dedicated to the International Day of Peace. It took place in the European University in Kyiv. Ukrainian students and students from Korea and Japan form UPF side exchanged Certificates of Friendship with each other. Participants showed short performances presenting the traditions and culture of their countries. 6 students from the European University were awarded the honorary title «Youth Ambassador for Peace».center_img WFWP ActivityOn September 1, 2014 women-volunteers from WFWP-Ukraine held lessons on patriotism in two schools in Kyiv. They shared to children about love for the country, culture and traditions.On September 24, 2014 a delegation of women-volunteers from different NGOs visited the military hospital in Kyiv. They gave 50 pairs of woolen socks to the wounded soldiers. On September 30 WFWP volunteers took part in the assistance project to the victims of hostilities and provided financial help to the 18-year old soldier with third-degree burns.last_img

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