first_imgSometimes karma does come aroundroomsXML were one of a few wholesalers who really had substantial losses throughout the liquidation process of CTS travel.Arguably, roomsXML were too accommodating in over extending credit and support to the agent and lost out but luckily a little karma has come back their way. roomsXML were contacted directly by the parents of Paige Toner to query on the status of the accommodation that Paige had booked through the agent.The bookings were live but over AUD$1800 was unpaid, however the travellers had already paid the agency, with no funds flowing to roomsXML.In his weekly agent support piece, on Monday in ETB Travel News Mark wrote in reflection , “the 18-year-olds and the dream holiday, lots of saving, a few thousand dollars. Probably hurting the most.”So roomsXML gave them a discount and incurred a further AUD$500 loss on the booking, and took the background approach by not telling anyone.Luckily for them, the travellers, Paige Toner and her family, did mention roomsXML in what will no doubt be a Facebook page heavily referenced by the travel media in the coming days. Sometimes karma does come around.Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img

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