first_img If you haven’t noticed by now, here on we’re not just fans of the internet but specifically the weird internet. Why else do we keep writing about vaporwave and Smash Mouth and the various goings on in the Internet Gutter? And if you know anything about the Weird Internet you’re familiar with everyone’s favorite anonymous blurry Jack Nicholson picture “wint,” @dril on Twitter.Since his humble beginnings simply tweeting the word “no” back in September 2008, Dril has amassed over a million followers spreading his divine gospel in the Hell that is Twitter dot com. You could seriously write a Bible reboot that replaces Psalms with profound truths like stupider then dog shit, i dont give a shit, and i dont give a fuck, and i will never shut the fuck up, and i’ll always Respect my enemys.— wint (@dril) September 5, 2017 my main issue with “master chief fucks cortana” is if you read the halo novels youd know the space suit automatically jacks master chief off— wint (@dril) May 11, 2017 Stay on target Internet Gutter: Crisis ActorsInternet Gutter: Mukbang #GroundhogDay is the one day a year where the nation can put asaide the partisan politics and sacrifice a large rodent to God— wint (@dril) February 2, 2018Every Dril tweet is a precious child, but with March Madness upon us, folks are in a competitive mood. So instead of betting on something as boring as college basketball, thanks to Twitter user/Jeopardy champion/philanthropic online hero @VT_Ben you can now vote on a Dril Tweet bracket.i have the day off work for this snowstorm so i made somethingpresenting the DRIL BRACKET— ben (@VT_Ben) March 13, 201864 tweets spread across the Candles, Betsy Ross, Corncob, and Logging Off regions represents a huge swath of what Dril has to offer. Even in the first match-ups there are impossible decisions like “Don’t gotta hand it to ISIL” vs “jail isn’t real” or “Girls proposing/knee in protest” vs “Wario’s woods.” If these summaries don’t jog your memory, the bracket also provides links.Voting happens over the rest of the month on Twitter. My personal final four is Candles, Corncob, Boys are Back in Town, and (((Keebler Elves))). But the real joy in this is just remembering the sheer amount of hilarious, inexplicable, devastatingly accurate #content Dril has gifted us over the years. As ephemeral as the internet is, especially tweets, it’s also great to see this library get preserved just for historical reasons.As we’ve taken this trip down online memory lane, destroying our productivity in the process, we’ve actually gotten upset about the seeding of certain tweets as well as startling omissions like “victory wine” and “digimon otis.” But the Criterion Collection doesn’t have every great film either. Let’s do an Everyone is Dril bracket next.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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