first_imgUsually when you sit down to watch a movie you already have drinks and food prepared to eat. But Domino’s Pizza has decided to tempt those of us who are less organized into ordering a pizza with a slight modification to the upper surface of DVDs.As part of a marketing campaign in Brazil, Domino’s teamed up with advertising agency Artplan Sao Paulo to distribute enhanced DVDs to 10 movie rental stores in both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The DVDs carry relatively new movies including Argo, The Dark Knight, and Skyfall, but have also been coated with a thermal ink and a flavored varnish.As a DVD plays in a player it heats up, and in this case both the ink and varnish react. The varnish start emitting the smell it contains, in this case freshly baked pizza, and the ink changes to reveal a new image. The end result is your TV room smells of pizza, and when you remove the disc the once blank surface will now look like the top of a pizza. It also carries a message suggesting the next movie be accompanied by a real pizza.While it’s a nice marketing idea, in practice I bet this would just end up annoying the customer. Making a room smell like pizza when you aren’t eating it, or trying to enjoy some other snack like popcorn, isn’t great. And that’s why I think this will remain just a marketing exercise and not an accepted way to add advertising to rental discs. On top of that, I’m pretty sure the ink and varnish would need to be reapplied after every rental, making this an expensive endeavor.last_img

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