Apple set to adopt Light Peak highspeed connection under new name

first_imgApple is gearing up to announce details of its latest high-speed connection technology. Intel has been working on said technology for years and call it Light Peak.Light Peak was designed as a replacement connector technology by allowing the wealth of cables and connectors that are used to connect monitors, scanners, printers and external hard drives to be consolidated into one single connector. The initial version will use copper as opposed to rumored light-based technologies.Apple is set to adopt the above technology and change the name. But it seems that other companies will be keen to make the switch too, such as Sony. It’s not hard to see why as Light Peak technology is faster than the current USB 3 standard as it can transmit bi-directional data at 10 Gb/s (compare this to USB 3’s peak theoretical speed of 4.8 Gb/s).Translating this into the real world, the Light Peak technology will allow you to move large amounts of data very quickly, so full-length movies could be transferred between devices in seconds.The one question that remains is which Apple product will get the new connector first? Could it be the MacBook Pro?Read more at CNETlast_img read more