Office 15 screenshot leaks shows off Metro look

first_imgImages from the leaked Windows 8 milestone builds are popping up all over the Internet (including right here at, but Win8 isn’t the only upcoming Microsoft software at which we’re sneaking early peeks. Office 15 is being worked on as well, and it looks like the screenshot floodgates may be about to open for it, too.The glimpse we’ve gotten above — thanks to a forum user at The Hot Fix — shows a very different looking Microsoft Outlook. The redesigned UI is clearly taking direction from Microsoft’s Metro language with its clean, angular lines and typographical elements. As someone who supports a group of fairly non-savvy end users during the day, I’m glad to see text labels used to switch among Outlook functions like mail, calendar, and contacts. While icons are nice, what they represent isn’t always clear to the person at the helm. The word “calendar” is pretty hard to mistake, but the typical gridded square might not strike a chord with some.Right now, the icons which are visible don’t quite suit the overall design. They look like holdovers from previous Office interfaces, and could certainly be improved by dropping the “puffy” styling for something a bit more flat. The ribbon interface will likely be reworked as well, but it appears to be minimized in this particular screenshot.As nice as Outlook 15 looks in its Metro clothes, that sidebar looks every bit as cluttered as it ever has. Hopefully Microsoft’s team can come up with something which has a little bit more sizzle before Office 15 is released.More at WinRumorslast_img read more