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first_imgWhen eating bread, most of us probably don’t think about the empty space in it, but rather whether we like its texture and flavour. Yet both of these are driven by bubbles. This is because one of the key aims when mixing is to ensure that air is trapped in the dough and, for sandwich and toast bread, we want the air to be evenly dispersed.After mixing, dough is moulded and proved. In these steps the dispersion of air is modified, with a few of the bubbles collapsing, while most increase in size, so expanding the volume. At this stage, the bubbles are filled with both air and carbon dioxide gas from fermentation. When the dough is baked, further expansion occurs as the water boils to steam.More regular bubbles ensure there are no large holes in the bread crumb, creating an even texture and a softer eating quality, so it is important to consider which factors might cause a change to their number and size. Among the many is the inclusion of bran in the dough, either through the use of wholemeal flour, or directly. Bran is ’thirsty’ for water, reducing the amount available for gluten development; we need this to create enough strength in the dough to stop the bubbles bursting as they expand. Also, the pieces of bran physically interrupt the gluten network, again reducing its ability to hold the bubbles. We overcome some of these problems with the use of ingredients, such as fat and emulsifiers.—-=== Dr Campbell says: ===”Bakers have made great strides in producing much more palatable wholemeal breads. Nevertheless, the vast majority of bread sold and eaten is still white, so it cannot be claimed that the problem has been solved. The amount of research devoted to wholemeal bread is a tiny fraction of that devoted to white bread. Understanding bubble behaviour, which has been so beneficial to white bread research, may well bring further improvements to wholemeal breads. Because this is a new and relevant way of viewing this type of bread, it is bound to give new insights that might translate into commercial applications that would indeed improve consumption.”last_img read more

Marco Benevento Shares New Video For “Heavy Metal Floating Upstream” From Woodstock Sessions

first_imgIt is undeniable that piano wizard Marco Benevento is a busy man. When he is not behind the keys for Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Bustle In Your Hedgerow, the recently back in action Benevento/Russo Duo, or his own solo project trio, he is typically making more music at his home in Woodstock, NY.Benevento recently played a show with his trio of drummer Andy Borger and bassist Karina Rykman for a special live recording session at Applehead Studios to a sold-out audience, which will be released as a Woodstock Sessions album. The group has unveiled live video for “Heavy Metal Floating Upstream” (from Benevento’s album The Story of Fred Short) from the performance, which can be viewed below. The band is currently out on the road.[via The Key]last_img

Sister Spotlight: Sister Elena Malits reflects on education, career at Saint Mary’s

first_imgEditor’s Note: Sister Spotlight is an effort by the Saint Mary’s News Department to shed light on the shared experience of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross and Saint Mary’s College students. We will be sharing the mission and stories of the sisters in an on-going series.At the age of 85, Sister M. Elena Malits is very familiar with Saint Mary’s campus — not only because she lives and teaches at the College, but also because she’s alum from the class of ‘56.“When I went to Saint Mary’s we had to have our lights out at 10 p.m.,” Malits said. “I would take my desk lamp and throw rug into my closet and read, everybody did that. Eventually, they lifted the lights out regulations. However Notre Dame still had the rules, so the boys used to go read in the bathroom.”During her junior year at Saint Mary’s, Malits was one of the first students to study abroad for an entire semester. She spent her time in Vienna.“There was a group of about 20 girls and 20 guys and it was wonderful,” Malits said. “I was the only Saint Mary’s person, however, my best friend from high school who went to a different college came with me.”The summer after her graduation and after much contemplation, Malits decided to enter the sisterhood.“When I was a sophomore in college I thought I was going to be engaged to a guy who was two years ahead of me at Notre Dame, and then he entered the priesthood which threw me for a loop,” Malits said. “After I finished college I became more and more convinced that God wanted me to do this, but when I was sure I locked myself in my room and threw books against the wall, I was so mad.”After her decision, Malits taught for a year at a college and studied to get her Ph.D. in New York City. She studied at a convent across the street from Lincoln Center, and also spent time exploring the city going to Broadway plays and operas among other activities.“When you learn the city, you could do anything you wanted,” Malits said. “You could go to museums, Broadway plays, everything and I just loved it.”Soon after she finished her coursework in the fall of 1970, she found herself back in South Bend — at Saint Mary’s — teaching. Malits said she was extra busy during her first years of teaching because she was writing her 400-page dissertation at the same time.Over the years she has taught many courses within the religious studies department.“You name it I taught it,” Malits said. “I taught everything in the catalog, but as time went on I specialized in certain things. Very often I taught ‘Theology and Biography’ where we would read the auto-biography or biography of a famous person and then discuss it. Students really liked that and found that they were touched in ways they never knew.”Malits formally retired at the end of the ‘90s, and then moved into the convent as a result of her Type 1 diabetes. However, she still wanted to teach and now teaches one discussion-based course called “Theology and Film.”“I have found that a lot of Saint Mary’s students are better at writing than they are at talking, so if you really know something you can talk about it, so I insist that this is a discussion course,” Malits said. “What I’ve learned best about teaching I’ve learned in the film course and that the important thing is the questions you ask not the answers you give. That’s really interesting because it changes your perspective on teaching.”Currently, in Malits’ free time she mainly stays in her room enjoying reading, her computer and watching movies and the news.“When you teach as long as I do, you have hundreds of books and you love to read them all,” Malits said.She also is the convent’s director of the pet therapy program. Malits brings different types of dogs around to the sisters almost every night of the week.“I make sure that the dog is friendly and a good fit for the sisters and not afraid of wheelchairs or walkers,” Malits said. “People hear about the program and bring their dogs in, we have a good bunch of dogs that interact with the sisters.”In addition to teaching, Malits was heavily involved in Saint Mary’s relationship with Notre Dame and instrumental changes within the University. Malits taught courses with a few Notre Dame priests and was the chair of the committee that made Notre Dame co-ed.“I was in my room reading when I got a telephone call from the provost at Notre Dame at the time,” Malits said. “He asked me to be the chair [of the committee] and I thought ‘You’ve got to be kidding me’ because I did not want to lose any friends from Saint Mary’s or Notre Dame, but I ended up doing it because I thought I could do some good. We did in three months what it took Harvard and Yale to do in three years.”A Monday report misspelled the surname of Sister M. Elena Malits. The Observer regrets this error.Tags: Saint Mary’s College, Sister Elena Maltis, sister spotlightlast_img read more

NBA All-Star Game 2019: Rosters, draft results for Team LeBron, Team Giannis

first_imgMORE: Watch the NBA All-Star Game live on fuboTV (7-day free trial) The funniest moment of the night came when James drafted Anthony Davis in his first reserve slot and said, “Tampering rules do not apply on All-Star weekend.” (The Pelicans probably don’t appreciate that joke.)”Isn’t that tampering?” 😂LeBron drafts AD! #NBAAllStarDraft pic.twitter.com/nEA08k1WC8— NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) February 8, 2019Sporting News compiled the full rosters below. Let’s see how the teams stack up…2019 NBA All-Star Draft results, rosters*Team LeBron traded Russell Westbrook to Team Giannis in exchange for Ben Simmons after the draft.🚨 TRADE ALERT 🚨Russell Westbrook will play for #TeamGiannisBen Simmons will play for #TeamLeBron pic.twitter.com/Ble0lmiD2b— NBA TV (@NBATV) February 8, 2019Team LeBronPickPlayerTeam1.Kevin DurantWarriors2.Kyrie IrvingCeltics3.Kawhi LeonardRaptors4.James HardenRockets5.Anthony DavisPelicans6.Klay ThompsonWarriors7.Damian LillardTrail Blazers8.Russell Westbrook*Thunder9.LaMarcus AldridgeSpurs10.Karl-Anthony TownsTimberwolves11.Bradley BealWizards12.Dwyane WadeHeatTeam Giannis PickPlayerTeam1.Stephen CurryWarriors2.Joel Embiid76ers3.Paul GeorgeThunder4.Kemba WalkerHornets5.Khris MiddletonBucks6.Nikola JokicNuggets7.Ben Simmons*76ers8.Blake GriffinPistons9.D’Angelo RussellNets10.Nikola VucevicMagic11.Kyle LowryRaptors12.Dirk NowitzkiMavericks2019 NBA All-Star Draft complete orderPickPlayerTeam1.Kevin DurantWarriors2.Stephen CurryWarriors3.Kyrie IrvingCeltics4.Joel Embiid76ers5.Kawhi LeonardRaptors6.Paul GeorgeThunder7.James HardenRockets8.Kemba WalkerHornets9.Khris MiddletonBucks10.Anthony DavisPelicans11.Nikola JokicNuggets12.Klay ThompsonWarriors13.Ben Simmons*76ers14.Damian LillardTrail Blazers15.Blake GriffinPistons16.Russell Westbrook*Thunder17.D’Angelo RussellNets18.LaMarcus AldridgeSpurs19.Nikola VucevicMagic20.Karl-Anthony TownsTimberwolves21.Kyle LowryRaptors22.Bradley BealWizards23.Dwyane WadeHeat24.Dirk NowitzkiMavericks With the NBA trade deadline now out of the equation, the focus shifts to All-Star weekend.All-Star captains LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo picked their teams Thursday as part of TNT’s “NBA All-Star Draft Show.” Antetokoumpo delivered on his promise to take Stephen Curry with his first draft pick after James selected Kevin Durant at No. 1 overall selection.last_img read more