Weak electrostatic waves near the upper hybrid frequency: A comparison between theory and experiment

first_imgTwo types of generating mechanisms have been proposed to explain the observations of weak electrostatic waves near the local upper hybrid frequency fuh. In this paper data from the wave and plasma diagnostic experiments on GEOS 1 are presented with simultaneously observed particle data in an attempt to identify the generating mechanism. The electron data contain two sources of free energy: a highly anisotropic “pancake” distribution in the warm (20 eV to ∼1 keV) plasma and a loss cone type distribution in the hot (>few keV) plasma. This leads us to consider a coherent generating mechanism. A model of the plasma distribution, with cold, warm and hot components is constructed and linear instability calculations are presented. It is shown that the relatively large resonant perpendicular velocities in the loss cone distribution generate instabilities at small perpendicular wave numbers preferentially in the upper hybrid band since the wave frequency can lie midway between the gyroharmonics where cyclotron damping is reduced. The calculations are able to reproduce the spectral characteristics observed by previous spacecraft over a range of cold plasma densities. The temporal growth rates are comparable to those obtained previously for strong electrostatic emissions near fuh, but it is shown that the unstable wave number region is an order of magnitude smaller. Thus it is argued that the waves remain weak since they are quickly refracted out of resonance. It is demonstrated that when there is a significant amount of warm plasma present the strongest natural emission can be used to derive the total plasma density, cold plus warm plus hot, and not the cold plasma density, and that the warm plasma introduces new regions of small group Velocities which result in fine structure in the wave spectrum. The effects of the warm plasma and particularly the pancake distribution are discussed in connection With the ray propagation of these and other classes of much stronger emissions.last_img read more

Online story telling and the mission of a credit union

first_imgWe are often asked to help new clients craft a thoughtful content strategy that will resonate with Credit Union members and potential new members, and most often there’s one common suggestion… Tell Your CU’s Story!Authentic storytelling is an essential part of connecting emotionally with people online, and for Credit Unions it’s no different. This emotional connection is what will then spur people to action. But your branding and strategy must alighn with your message and it’s all got to be REAL!Your Branding & Your StorySo let’s start with the basics… is your online branding in order and consistent with your story? Graphics must be polished and consistent, with a clear Call-to-Action (CTA). And these visual cues must relate back to your larger mission and the story you are trying to communicate.So, if you decide to highlight real world testimonials for your 3rd Quarter marketing message, make sure that your graphics also highlight those same stories. Find members who are willing to share their experiences with your CU, and then show them at work, home or play, featuring some key words they’ve shared about the benefits they’ve received banking with you.It’s ineffective and unauthentic to hawk a generic car loan promo while also featuring this kind of testimonial messaging. Weave it all in together. It will be more real and less overbearing. Have a member talk about how much money your CU saved them with a car buying service on a used car or the auto loan they got to pay for it! This will work MUCH better!Your Mission & Your StoryAnother problem we run into a lot with new clients is that they often think just being active online, and particularly just posting on their CU’s social media accounts, will lead to progress. Unfortunately, that’s NOT always the case. If getting lots of ‘likes’ on Facebook is your definition of progress, then yes, you’ll probably be making some headway.But the mission of a Credit Union is to serve members, so we try to emphasize more concrete ROI metrics, like new member growth, new loan applications, and website traffic, as well as other online engagement with members. All of which indicate progress toward the larger mission, serving more members.Sharing real events and member experiences better communicates the value of your products and services to your members and potential new members. When someone is online, particularly on social media, your message is competing with the MOST emotional content in that person’s life! This person’s Facebook newsfeed is filled with posts by friends, family and other loved ones.So, to compete in that sphere, your content needs to fit into this space NOT stand out like a blatant advertisement. This is why emotion and storytelling works so well! If you can find a few members who are willing to share their real experiences working with your CU, this is the BEST way to gain the trust of your online audience. These personal stories will fit in with the other content on the social media platform and also resonate with the individuals you are targeting.Your Advertising & Your StoryOne last point that we must make is that there is a very big difference between advertising and more authentic marketing. The “Branches and Broadcast” strategy of CU advertising past is just that, in the past. In today’s inbound marketing environment people are out there online, searching for what they want, WAY before they set foot inside your brick and mortar location.It’s a CUs job to make sure that members find your services when they are looking for them, and they are looking ONLINE. A few website banners or some nice graphics on signage isn’t going to get the job done! CU’s have got to keep up with the times and think outside the box.We recommend staying top-of-mind with members even when they are NOT in the market for a loan or credit card. This will often involve interacting for interacting’s sake. Sometimes the value of a smile or a laugh is just that, it’s a non-financial impact that builds rapport and trust with your audience. Though it’s not easily measureable, it will humanize your brand and will likely bring someone back for future conversions.You will need to walk a fine line of attracting rather than annoying your audience online, and this can be tricky. Continuously evaluating your content and assessing what works and what doesn’t work is important to this process. You won’t get it all right, all of the time, so remain humble and be ready to change things up when they are not working. These best online marketing strategies are in constant flux and ever evolving.For more from Social Stairway on Credit Union Social Media and Email Marketing please visit our website (http://socialstairway.com/)or contact us today at [email protected]! We would love to hear from you! 31SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Meredith Olmstead Meredith Olmstead is the CEO and Founder of FI GROW Solutions, which provides Digital Marketing & Sales services to Community Financial Institutions. With experience working with FIs in markets of … Web: www.figrow.com Detailslast_img read more

Rossi, Vinales cheat death as morbidelli, Zarco crash

first_img(BBC) – MOTOGP riders, Franco Morbidelli and Johann Zarco, crashed at the Austrian Grand Prix, with Valentino Rossi narrowly avoiding a collision as their bikes careered across the track.Yamaha’s Morbidelli and Johann Zarco of Avintia Ducati were up and walking after the incident.The two riders came together on turn three, with Maverick Vinales, another rider close to hitting their bikes.“It was so scary, it was terrifying,” Rossi said.“Franco’s bike passed me at an incredible speed and also the bike of Zarco jumped over Maverick. We were very lucky.”Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso won when the race resumed after a 20-minute pause.Nine-time world champion Rossi, 41, who recently said he does not have a “clear deadline” for retirement, looked visibly shaken after the crash.The victory was Dovizioso’s third at the track and meant Ducati have won every race since the circuit was added to the calendar in 2016.last_img read more

GHPL Week 8: “We have to beat King Faisal for Olympics fans”- Gladson Awako

first_imgGreat Olympics midfielder, Gladson Awako, says he and his team mates will have to get a good result in their Week 8 tie at King Faisal to please the team’s fans.Olympics lost at home to WAFA in Week 7 by a lone goal to leave them 14th on Ghana Premier League table on 7 points.The loss was Olympics’ 4th of the season and their second reverse at home.Ahead of their match, Awako is urging the he fans to keep faith with the team so they will get a good result at the Baba Yara Stadium.“Great Olympics are not happy at all and it was very clear during the match against WAFA. I could see their displeasure as they sat in the stands.I want to assure and promise them. We face King Faisal today in Kumasi and it will be a difficult match because they are struggling.However, I want the fans to stay behind us and support us. No matter what, we are going to get a positive result today. We are either getting a point or we are getting a victory.”Olympics will head into the match without a head coach after Prince George Koffi resigned on Tuesday. His assistant, Seth Hoffman, will handle the team in Kumasi until a new head coach is named and according to sources close to the team, the new coach will be unveiled before the end of the week.last_img read more