Geek deals Preorder Nintendo 3DS get 25 Amazon credit

first_imgIf you’ve followed Nintendo from the Game Boy to the Nintendo DS — the most popular handheld video game system in history– then you’re most likely interested in buying the next model, the Nintendo 3DS. A more sophisticated system, the 3DS can play DS games in, yep, 3D. is offering preorders of the Nintendo 3DS Game System in Cosmos Black or Aqua Blue plus a $25 credit for $249.99 with free shipping.The Nintendo 3DS features a 320×240 touchscreen and a 800×240 3D display. Other features include built-in motion and gyroscope sensors, 3D Depth Slider, analog control, 3D camera, and more.We got some hands-on time with the 3DS and thought the hardware to be more polished than it was on the DSi and the DSi XL.The biggest improvement is to the upper display, which is large, wide, and super crisp. We also liked the addition of a sliding control pad.Compared to the DS Lite, and besides the improvements listed above, the buttons are more clicky on the 3DS, there is a lot more gloss on the interior, and the coloring on the 3DS is more more complex than with older models. Also, the stylus’ placement has changed, and the stylus holder is more secure. The 3DS is also dockable, and has a WiFi on/off switch.Also, if you buy a 3DS game, which you’ll probably want to do, you can get a $10 credit for a second game.The Nintendo 3DS ships on March 27, so get your orders in soon.Buy the Nintendo 3DS at LogicBUY.last_img read more