Recognizing importance of flashing lights through Safe Stop Education Day

first_imgOther participating locations include Safeway, Totem Mall, Home Hardware, Walmart and Rona. Focklage says the most common locations for these types of infractions are the Alaska Highway and back roads near areas like Cecil Lake.“It seems like everyone is in a hurry – either going to work or getting their kids somewhere,” Focklage goes on to say. “…People think, ‘oh we’re down a back road, there’s not that much traffic; we’re just going to keep going through.’”Focklage will be at Save On Foods with her school bus until 1:00 p.m. She says the turnout has so far been minimal – something she attributes to the poor weather.“We should have maybe done it on Monday when it was nicer,” Focklage lightheartedly explains. “…Instead of people just waiting for me, I am going to start going to them.”Advertisement This initiative is part of the recently incorporated Safe Stop Education Day in Fort St. John.Bus driver Brandy Frocklage is at Save On Foods, and says she experiences this type of incident at least once a week.“I’ve actually almost had a kid hit on the highway by somebody passing me from behind while my stop sign was out,” says Frocklage. “He was starting to cross and the vehicle went, and missed the kid by maybe a foot.”- Advertisement -She says drivers need to meet school buses half way in ensuring the students get to school and home safely.“We carry the most precious cargo – people’s kids,” pleas Frocklage to drivers. “It’s very stressful for us sometimes when people just blow through our stop signs like it’s nothing.”“If our sign comes out – just stop. It’s not going to make you any later to where you’re going.”Advertisementlast_img read more