Badr Hari Visits Kenitra Prisoners

Rabat – On Friday August 28, Moroccan kickboxing champion, Badr Hari, visited the Kenitra central prison to celebrate his last victory over Ismael Londt.Accompanied by Moroccan artists Latifa Raafat, Abdelali El Ghaoui, Adil Miloudi and Zineb El Adaoui, Badr Hari expressed his sympathy towards the inmates.He began his speech by saying, “I experienced the same thing, I know exactly how you feel but nobody is perfect and to err is human.” He continued to express the difficulties he has faced in jail and his strong faith and belief in hope. “Once I was released from prison I strongly believed that there was another beginning and it’s time to show people that I am not that prisoner anymore.”He went on to add that he never expected to address the prisoners. “We don’t know what may have happened in the future. Yesterday, I was a prisoner like you and today, I am addressing you.  The point is, never loose hope and tenaciously defend your dream. Never allow others to demoralize you,”  he strongly concluded.Badr Hari, also known as the ‘Golden Boy’, made a strong comeback with a knockout punch against his opponent Ismael Londt out on August 22.ALC Fès Talent Show© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more