Possible gold recovery on a working farm

first_imgHaber, Inc, with proprietary technologies in the separations sciences and environmentally friendly processing of gold bearing ores, has entered into a joint venture agreement with Rosewood, a private California company. Rosewood operates an agriculturally-based sustainable farm on which there are significant gold deposits.  The companies have jointly formed Organic Gold, a Nevada limited liability company. The agreement calls for all minerals to be exclusively processed by Haber in a Nevada-based plant, using its green gold processing technology.  Great Plains Capital Partners, in Wyoming, will provide project funding.The JV’s purpose will be twofold, Rosewood will produce agricultural products and extract minerals from the property which will then be processed in the Haber operated Nevada processing plant using Haber’s proprietary green extraction technology capable of efficiencies in the high 90% range on complex ores, the company claims. The agricultural products grown on the property will add additional income to Organic.  The plant and all future Haber mineral projects will be supported by a new East Coast laboratory which will also be funded by Capital Partners.In announcing the agreement today, Albert B. Conti, CEO of Haber said he was extremely gratified to be teaming with Rosewood. “Our project is the perfect marriage of the special offerings of the agricultural products and existing minerals on the Rosewood property and Haber’s green environmentally friendly processing technology.  I look forward to this unique union with high profit potential and a responsible commitment to sustainable and environmental concerns.”Conti further stated that the project allows Haber the opportunity to prove the efficacy of its technology in processing complex ores while at the same time generating revenues from a commercial facility. “Inferred resource estimates approximate a million ounces on the main strike feature alone.  Sub-parallel and cross-cutting features represent excellent potential for multiple mineralised zones and areas of increased ore grades above the average run of the mine.  This mineral resource, coupled with Haber’s high efficiency process will combine to make this project a high profitability opportunity.  Meanwhile, the Nevada processing plant will also serve as a base model and training centre for other processing teams that can be employed elsewhere in support of our anticipated global operations.”last_img read more