Sierra Leonean rebel group pledges to cooperate with UN peace operation

The UN Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) said today in a statement that the RUF’s pledge had been made during a brief meeting with Deputy Secretary-General Louise Fréchette. The meeting took place on Friday in Lunsar, a town formerly held by the RUF, where UNAMSIL has recently deployed. During her meeting with members of the RUF High Command, including Col. Jonathan Kposowa, RUF Chief of Administration and RUF spokesman Gibril Massaquoi. Ms. Fréchette stressed that the RUF must match its words with deeds, and provide “concrete evidence day after day” that it was committed to implementing the Abuja Ceasefire Agreement. She urged the RUF to dismantle its three checkpoints between Rogberi and Lunsar to demonstrate its commitment. Ms. Fréchette also toured UNAMSIL’s deployment in Lunsar, and met with the local population and traditional leaders, who appeared “happy with the presence of UNAMSIL, which seems to have already, after a few weeks, established a climate of security that I am told did not exist before,” the Deputy Secretary-General told a press conference on her return to Freetown.En route to Lunsar, which is 80 kilometres east of Freetown, Ms. Fréchette visited the Bangladeshi Battalion stationed at Lungi airport and the town of Petifu Junction, where UN agencies are assisting a large number of returnees fleeing the fighting in Guinea. On Friday, the Deputy Secretary-General was also briefed by senior UNAMSIL officials on the political and military situation, the disarmament process, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and public information activities. She then met with representatives of local and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on progress in the peace process and on ways of improving coordination and cooperation between the NGOs and the UN. read more

German Cup HSV defeats RNL in dramagame THW Kiel easy with Fuchse

In the German Cup games that were played on Wednesday, THW Kiel had rather easy game against Fuchse Berlin, winning it 39:28. Palicka was on great form for THW Kiel, saving almost everything from 45th minute onwards, and Fuchse Berlin had no idea how to break him. In the most interesting game, HSV won in Mannheim, after extra time, in a very dramatic match. Rhein-Neckar Lowen took the first half with 14:12, but HSV wins second half with 16:14, with two goals in the last minute, Lackovic and Lindberg the scorers. Then in the added time, HSV wins 5:4, with Michael Kraus returning to the field this game, and being the scorer for the last goal from 7-meters. In the other games, Flensburg had easy game against Bad Schwartau winning 35:22, and same goes for Burgdorf against Friesenheim 34:25. The surprise happened in Neuhausen, where the domestic team Neuhausen/Erms took a victory against the Bundesliga team Frisch Auf Goppingen with 32:30. ← Previous Story England: Handball Proves More Popular Than Ever! Next Story → World Championship (W): Spain makes it to the semi-final! read more