Former Peruvian Official Western Sahara Conflict is Issue of Territorial Integrity

Rabat – Peruvian congresswoman and politician Martha Gladys Cossio published a one-page opinion piece to speak about her visit to two of the twelve regions of Morocco: Laayoune and Dakhla in Western Sahara.Published in Expreso, the publication shows the congresswoman’s satisfaction with her visit to the region, where she observed  significant development.“The purpose of my visit (..) was to directly observe the situation in these regions, especially the day-to-day life of the population” of the regions, she said. She also said she had the opportunity and “freedom” to exchange ideas with government officials, as well as representatives of private institutions and association dedicated to   education and the support of vulnerable groups.Read Also: Bourita Calls Guinea ‘Exceptional Friend’ of Morocco, Thanks Country for Support on Western Sahara“Life in these regions goes on  normally with eagerness to achieve progress and well-being,” Cossio said.The congresswoman also acknowledged Morocco’s “seriousness, commitment, and significant human and material efforts” in the search search for a mutually and pragmatic political solution to end the conflict.Morocco, which does not accept any hostility against its sovereignty over  Western Sahara, has already submitted an initiative which was recognized by the most significant resolutions of the Security Council. Morocco submitted its the Autonomy Plan  to the United Nations in 2007. The plan  is part of the country’s ongoing efforts to build a democratic and modern society based on the rule of law; individual, collective, and economic freedoms, as well as social development.In 2018, Morocco’s Foreign Affairs Minister Nasser Bourita  said that Morocco’s initiative was established within the framework of international legality “to guarantee all the collective and individual rights as decided by international instruments, in particular those relating to human rights, natural resources, and the self-determination principle.”Aware of the pragmatism of the initiative, Cossio said that the Western Sahara conflict is an issue of territorial integrity.Cossio added that  an increasing number of countries, in particular in Latin America and regional blocs such as the African Union, the European Union, as well as other regional organizations, d support a final solution to the question ofthe “territorial integrity of Morocco” through the autonomy initiative.In her article, Cossio did not forget to mention the good diplomatic relations between Morocco and Peru.“Morocco, a friend of Peru, is an ally of the world” in the face of threats linked to religious extremism, she said.Peru  has long supported Morocco’s autonomy plan.In October 2017, 21 members of the Peruvian Parliament expressed their support for Morocco’s autonomy plan for Western Sahara. read more